SOOMLA Announces 3 Partnerships to Expand Rapidly Growing GROW Network

[] Tel Aviv, Israel – =SOOMLA, a leading in-game data platform, is announcing 3 new partnerships to expand growth of its burgeoning GROW data network. Leading the list of new partners is gaming giant Chukong, creator of the popular Cocos2d-x game engine. SOOMLA’s technology will be incorporated into Chukong’s new SDKBOX live operations platform to empower Cocos2d-x developers with paying user insights. With 5000 live games and a soaring rate of 30% adoption of GROW, SOOMLA expects this partnership to attract thousands of new games into its data sharing community.

Earlier this year after securing its $5.5 million series A round, SOOMLA launched the GROW data network to help developers spot “whales”, top spending users, in their games. The integration with SDKBOX will enable game developers to uncover user spend likelihood and drive marketing decisions with this data. Kai Zhao, general manager of Chukong USA commended the partnership and said: “We’re happy to expand SDKBOX offering with SOOMLA, a company that shares our passion for open source technology and developer communities”.

The new offering by SOOMLA is a collaborative data network for mobile games that analyzes deep user behavior to spot loyal users and top spenders. GROW harnesses cutting edge algorithms to predict how likely users are to pay in a specific mobile game based on their in-app purchase history in other games. Developers who opt in to the network share their data and in return unlock user-level insights that drive critical marketing decisions.

Leveraging behavioral data from thousands of games in the GROW network, SOOMLA also offers a new game recommendation service that combines data analysis and expert consulting. When a game hits certain usage volume, its users are analyzed in overlapping games to produce an insights report. The service enables game studios to make data-driven decisions for designing their next title to appeal to their user audience.

The cooperation with Chukong is only one piece of the puzzle. SOOMLA is also partnering with key in-app purchase tools prime31 and Stan’s Assets to expand its network offering. As Yaniv Nizan the CEO, explains: “We initially built the GROW network to serve our community but as we launched we received requests from developers who are using other IAP solutions to join the network. We are allowing developers to choose their IAP plugin and independently decide if they want to participate in GROW and send data to the community”.

This announcement comes on the heels of an increasing race to in-app purchase data land grab. On September 21st 2015, rival game engine Unity announced new in-app purchase features for its next release. Unity also hinted that they are after the data by explaining that the IAP feature will report directly to their Analytics platform. SOOMLA’s take on the data stems from its community oriented, grassroots approach to technology. As an open source shop, the company is manifesting its sharing philosophy to democratize mobile analytics. While Unity has yet to speak publicly of its strategy around in-app purchase data collection, it is hard to say whether developers will benefit from the collective data pool, or will Unity rather keep the data closed. “We truly believe in empowering developers with each other’s data, and we’re challenging Unity to join hands with us as well,” says Nizan.

About Chukong Technologies:
Chukong Technologies is a leading mobile entertainment platform company that drives and maintains a healthy development ecosystem, provides users with excellent digital content, and pushes the digital entertainment experience forward. Chukong has helped some of the world’s largest mobile developers navigate the complexities of the Chinese mobile market, as well as published many of the most popular mobile titles in China, such as the Fishing Joy franchise. Chukong Technologies aims to become a leading digital distribution company and is currently expanding its infrastructure and partnerships to facilitate new business opportunities. Headquartered in Beijing, China, the company also has operations in Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, and Menlo Park, California. For more information, please visit Chukong Technologies online and follow the company on Twitter at @CocoaChina.

For more information please visit SOOMLA online and follow the company on Twitter at @Soomla.SOOMLA
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Founded in 2012, SOOMLA’s mission is to democratize mobile gaming data. Its market leading SDK powers over 5,000 live games reaching 500 million devices globally. The company’s data sharing platform employs cutting edge algorithms to predict in-app purchase likelihood. Harnessing a dataset of deep user behavior across games, SOOMLA is an enabler of marketing decisions and data-driven game design for leading game publishers. SOOMLA’s open source products are actively supported by mobile game developers who believe in the power of collaboration. The startup prides itself on cultivating a unique technology-driven culture. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2015 SOOMLA. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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