Sonico launches new Parabolic Z Spring

As one of the premier names in India’s Leaf Springs Industry, Sonico has now an established presence and identity in the market. Sonico is making Springs for Air Suspension system for quite a long time. Parabolic Z Spring is one of the major parts for this assembly.

Sonico has the modern set up to meet the critical technical requirements which is a must for developing these type of springs. Recently there is a new addition in this family. A very critical Parabolic Z Spring Assembly has been developed by Sonico which is a grand success.

Equipment Used:
For Parabolic Operation
o Gas Fired Walking Beam Type End Heating Furnace
o High Pressure Descaler
o Automatic Parabolic Rolling Machine (Servo Controlled)
o On-line Straightening Press
o Multi Station Press For Post Rolling Operations
o Instrument For Profile Checking
o Hydraulic Press For Z Bending

For Heat Treatment
Robotic Heat Treatment Line With Automatic Swinging For Fast Cooling And Camber Stability.

For Stress Shot Peening
3 Turbines & 2 On Line Passes For Two Different Shot Sizes To Ensure Maximum Coverage And Better Compressive Residual Stress At Surface & Depth.

For Painting
Automatic Line; Electrostatic Bell Type.

For Assembly
Assembled In A Conveyorized Transferring System For Improved Material Surface Quality Supported By Online Scragging.

About Sonico:
Our manufacturing facilities are equipped with Automatic Parabolic Rolling Line, Robotic Heat Treatment Line, Stress Shot Peening Line, Automatic Paint Line and Automatic Assembly Line with on-line CNC Scragging machine. Recipient of various awards from prestigious customers for its exemplary performance in delivery at competitive costs maintained through innovative solutions.
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Company Name :Soni Auto & Allied Industries Ltd
Address: 467 & 468, Marshall House (4th Floor) 25 Strand Road, Kolkata-700001
Email : sonico ( @ ) soniauto dot com
Phone :033-3028 4828
Fax: 033-2230 7828
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