Solaria Moon: Space Adventure

[] Madrid, Spain – Solaria Moon is a single-player space adventure game, with an exciting story full of suspense and challenges that will catch you from the start. Entertaining puzzles, great gameplay, and an awesome story that will give hours of fun.

A cargo ship receives a mysterious message. All the crew is killed by the computer except our protagonist who must find out who sent the message, why all his friends are died and what is awaiting in the new destination, Solaria Moon

Currently is in Game Concept state and a crowdfunding campaign has been released to get funds and finish the game. Now It is time to introduce the concept of the game and the first fully playable level, which will give you a clear idea of how the game will be. The game is hope to be finished in third quarter 2016 and along this time all new levels will be published for the contributor of the game.

The crowdfunding campaign on indiegogo offers interesting rewards. Beyond the traditional early access and digital content, 3y3net offers the contributors the possibility of be part of the game and design some important aspects such as puzzles,levels and even the script. The most amazing rewards a contributor can buy on Solaria Moon Indiegogo are:

* Your name in the game. The developer will put your name in some part within the game, either a computer screen, a letter, a book… This offer is limited to 50 units.

* Your photo in the game. Your photo will be displayed in the game, may be in a canvas, an ingame video, who knows! This offer is limited to 20 units.

* Puzzle designer. Solaria Moon has lot of puzzles you must solve to advance in the game. 3y3net offers the contributors the posibility of help in the design of one of those puzzles. This offer is limited to 5 units.

* Level designer. You can help in the design of a whole level of the game. This offer is limited to 2 units.

* Scriptwriter. You can help in the script of the history, give ideas and even change the game end. This offer is limited to 1 unit.

* Easter Egg. You can help in the creation of an Easter Egg within the game and choose how to activate it. This offer is limited to 1 unit.

3y3net ask all fans for help to finish the game and also ahs created a forum community where all players can post their ideas and suggestions.Solaria Moon
Indiegogo Campaign
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Download Concept Level 1 (Mac)
Download Concept Level 1 (Windows 64)
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