Softline implements a joint pilot project with SKB-Bank using the ETHIC

Over the past decade, the number of crimes committed using information and telecommunications technologies has shown an exponential increase. Cyberattacks today do not necessarily involve hacking but rather combine technological, social engineering and other methods. As social interactions and business processes move to the Web, the number of attack vectors on an organization or its customers is growing.

At a certain point, it becomes clear that the traditional security model on which everyone has relied in recent decades, is getting fairly obsolete.
What is behind this traditional model? It is based on building a secure perimeter, segmenting the intranet, applying security policies, monitoring events inside the perimeter, and preventing intrusions from the outside. All of these methods are still relevant, but they are not the whole story. The fact is that no organization operates in a vacuum. It has to interact with clients, partners, or suppliers, use e-banking systems, promote its brand on the Web; its employees communicate in social networks, place job ads and so on. This means internal corporate processes are somehow reflected in the global information space. So, if you want to build a comprehensive security system, you have to track everything that happens not only within the organization but also beyond it.

Compare this approach to the defense of a medieval castle. The building may have tall and solid walls, but if you hide behind them without sending out scouts, you will never discover an army with battering rams before it starts a siege. If you think big, you can eliminate many threats before they emerge, or at least prepare for the siege.

That is why our company now offers our customers a new security concept. Once you identify potentially dangerous actions and events outside the security perimeter, in the Worldwide Web, you are capable of a timely response that would prevent or minimize any possible damage. This concept does not apply to information security only. Detected actions may threaten economic or personal security too, since these areas are now closely intertwined.

It was with this goal in mind that we launched ETHIC, the External Threats & Human Intelligence Center, a cloud service that provides comprehensive monitoring and discovery of digital business threats.

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