SMS Reminder Feature added in Case Management Software of iinsight®

iinsight® is a cloud-based case management software designed by Be Software International. The company is going to release its latest SMS reminder feature in its pre-eminent case management system for occupational & rehabilitation health market.

The allied health case management software, iinsight® is introducing some of the functionality of its new SMS reminder, and confirmations for appointments-only feature in its cloud-based practise management system. This will allow better tracking and functionality of operations. In this new feature, one or both SMS reminders and confirmations can be sent on a set day to clients before their appointments, and the SMS notification must be selected on the same case. The company will announce the release date for these new features soon.

The company has designed the new confirmation SMS feature that will accept responses in ‘YES and NO’ to update appointment status as confirmed and not-confirmed. The users can control these SMS confirmation feature settings, available from the admin management console Menu > Systems Reminders/KPI Tab > SMS Reminder tab. Consider the image for reference.

The latest SMS reminder and confirmation features will be available with the following steps:
• After logging in, the user has to select the “System Reminder / KPI” option from the common lists navigation.
• Inside the System Reminder / KPI with authorisation access, a user has to select ‘SMS Reminder’ tab.
• After entering, this section will display an option to set the number of days to send the SMS before the appointment (The client agrees to pay per SMS sent).

Inside this window, there is an option to set the customisable/editable title and description of the SMS. For example, the title can be “Appointment Employee” and the description can be “You have an appointment with (Provider Name) at (Appointment Time) on the (Appointment Date) with (Appointment Employee). If rescheduling is needed, call (010111011).”

The company provides a technically advanced cloud-based case management software for allied health and NDIS service providers, healthcare practitioners, healthcare clinics and hospitals. iinsight® has extensive experience in providing case management and billing system/services in the healthcare industry, like work station assessment, risk assessment, and injury prevention management services. The company now has offices in Australia, United Kingdom, USA, New Zealand, Ireland, Singapore, and Canada with clients in seven different countries.

To get a free trial of 14 days or explore the full features of iinsight®, please visit the official website and fill the contact us form.

About the Company:
iinsight® is cloud-based case management and reporting system, designed for health clinics, allied health service providers and NDIS service providers. It provides database security, backups and 24×7 system monitoring with cloud access to make the case management easy.

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