Smoky Cat Software Ltd. releases Heart Graph v5.0

[] Oxford, United Kingdom – Smoky Cat Software Ltd. today announced that Heart Graph version 5.0 is now available on the App Store for iPhone(R), iPad(R) and iPod touch(R). Heart Graph lets users see graphically how their heart rate behaves during exercise or other periods of time, and supports comparison and analysis of the heart rate graph and other statistics across sessions. New with v5.0 Apple Watch(R) users can see a graph of their heart rate in real time on the phone during a recording; additionally, all features of Heart Graph on the iPhone (including those that were previously for Bluetooth sensors only) are now also available to Apple Watch users, including heart rate zone alarms and the ability to design workout plans that can then be executed automatically by the app during training sessions.

Heart Graph can be used for general health monitoring and all types of aerobic exercise including running, cycling, rowing or gym work. “The essence of Heart Graph is providing users the ability to assess the way their body is responding to training over time” says Thomas Wright, Director of Smoky Cat Software Ltd. “The Apple Watch has brought heart rate monitoring to a huge number of people who didn’t have access to such information previously, and being able to make sense of that data is vital for making the most of exercising. Having the ability to see and influence time spent in different heart rate zones rate during workouts is another piece of the puzzle, and is another example of how Heart Graph can support users in maximising the benefits of their workouts.”

Features of Heart Graph include:
* Record and display a graph of heart rate against time on your iPhone and/or Apple Watch while exercising
* Review up to 12 hours of recent heart rate data acquired by the Apple Watch directly on the Watch
* Import heart rate data for previous Workouts in Health (e.g., from Apple Watch or other device)
* Review all graphs offline (e.g., to spot trends in training)
* Add textual notes to each session (e.g., to record details of a particular workout, sets, reps, general health etc.) and search for sessions based on the notes entered
* Share data with friends via email or Facebook
* Device rotation to landscape for iPhone and iPod touch maximises screen area for graphs

Beyond the basics, a single $2.99 (USD) In-App Purchase will enable the Premium Features of the app, giving users access to more in-depth comparison and additional features to support their workouts or health monitoring:

* Enable heart rate zone display for summarising workout intensity into five configurable zones
* Audible/haptic alarm when heart rate changes zone or reaches a preset maximum value
* Create and share pre-planned training sessions that the app will automatically execute – no need to remember what’s coming up next
* Record resting heart rate
* Compare workout statistics (such as resting, max and mean heart rate) over time to look for trends in training
* Add annotations to the heart rate graph during recording
* Analysis of heart rate zone totals across sessions on a daily, weekly or monthly basis
* Compare heart rate graphs directly from one session to another
* Import heart rate data from the Health app for a custom time period of up to 24 hours
* Import and export workout data from other apps or your computer using Garmin TCX format files
* Export data to CSV file for further analysis in software such as Excel
* Calculate calories burned during each workout, and display progress towards a calorie target for the session
* Compare heart rate from a “reference set” in a previous workout to the current session
* Side-by-side comparison of the reference set graphs from multiple selected workouts
* Audio rep counting (never lose count) – simply make a noise every time a rep is completed and the app indicates when all reps complete
* Automatic timer for time-based sets to indicate when the work is done
* Attach an image of the heart rate graph and heart rate zone summary to emails or Facebook posts for sharing with others

App Requirements:
* iOS 9.1 and optionally WatchOS 4.0
* iPhone, iPod touch or iPad
* A compatible heart rate sensor: Apple Watch, low-energy bluetooth (BTLE), ANT connected using the Wahoo Fitness Key, or any sensor that writes data to the Health app.

Heart Graph 5.0 is free (with in-app purchase) to download worldwide, exclusively through the App Store in the Health and Fitness category. Supported languages are English, Russian, and both simplified and traditional Chinese.Heart Graph 5.0
More Information
Download from iTunes
Heart Graph Tutorial Videos
iPhone Screenshot (Live Workout Recording)
Apple Watch Screenshot (Heart Rate Zones)

Located in Oxford, United Kingdom, Smoky Cat Software was founded in 2012 by Dr Thomas Wright, DPhil and incorporated in 2016. All Material and Software Copyright (C) 2017 Smoky Cat Software Ltd. / All Rights Reserved. Apple, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc.

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