SMEStorage Rebrands and Focuses on the Hybrid Cloud Market

[] London, United Kingdom – Vehera today announces that they had rebranded the SMEStorage service to ‘Storage Made Easy’ and will be focusing on the Hybrid Cloud Market for their Cloud Service and Appliance.

“We have rebranded SMEStorage to ‘Storage Made Easy’ as it more accurately reflects where our business is at” stated CEO Ian Osborne.

“Our platform and service concentrates on adding value to existing Storage and other SaaS information sources that store files. Managing files spread across multiple onsite and public cloud information services can be challenging and can involve numerous different applications, if indeed such services are supported at all.”

“We have found increasingly our service is being used by corporate clients, and resold to corporate and Enterprise Clients by our resellers. The ability to unify access and management to disparate data combined with strong Audit, BYOD Management, and e-Compliance capabilities, coupled with fast cross-service file search from any client or device, has meant that our roadmap has increasingly become dictated by our corporate clients.”

“Delivery of our whole Appliance to be used in a hybrid fashion on-premise or in the corporate data centre has been one of the demands we have fulfilled. We now supply the whole platform as a VMWARE Appliance that can be installed onsite, in the corporate data centre or hosted on such facilities as Linode or Amazon EC2 Web Services infrastructure.”

“We have also integrated with Enterprise Identity Management systems such as Active Directory to enable single sign-on of multiple federated Cloud Services whilst also honouring Active Directory Group permissions.”

“Another use case we fulfilled was site replication of local data in one region to data in another region to enable users in different continents to speedily access data, even if they use different storage providers or services”

“We believe that whilst many vendors are fighting it out with regards to becoming the storage vendor of choice in an organisation, we are focusing more on second generation cloud problems such as how to solve the issue of Cloud Sprawl and the ‘Shadow IT’ effect such services can impose on an organisation.”

In summary Osborne stated, “Storage Made Easy is providing cohesive access to multiple internal and external data services and unifying management, security, governance, and search whilst providing access from the web, and all Operating Systems and mobile clients.”

Storage Made Easy provides provide a cloud storage Appliance in which file meta-data is synchronized, but all files continue to reside on the original storage platform. In this way SME can offer value added services and clients to existing cloud storage providers, whilst also providing a single cloud file system which enables files from many different cloud storage providers to be managed in one cloud file tree. SME provide services to individual users, and also to corporate users via its Cloud FileServer platform offering, which combines file sharing, user management and collaboration features.Storage Made Easy
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