SintraWorks Releases PDF Nomad 2 for Mac OS X. Now with Scanning and OCR

[] Parede, Portugal – SintraWorks has announced the release of PDF Nomad 2.0, an update to their easy-to-use, carefully crafted PDF Editor, made especially for Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and up.

Antonio Nunes, Founder and Director of SintraWorks, said, “This latest version of PDF Nomad sets another milestone for our powerful yet efficient PDF editor. Let alone the other new features and enhancements, it is quite significant to have another OCR capable app for Mac!”

PDF Nomad 2 allows users to scan sources directly into PDF documents, and perform OCR to extract text and/or make the documents searchable. It will even OCR ‘ordinary’ PDF documents to recover text, if trying to copy text from those documents produces garbage. (It happens!)

You can now automatically deskew pages with single command. (Especially useful for scanned documents.) The all-new bookmarks feature allows users to manage a Bookmarks menu with links to their favourite documents, so that they can have an ordered quick-access reference library. PDF Nomad 2 introduces extensive AppleScript support. Automate your workflow through the many options provided by the extensive scripting dictionary.

Easily resize whole documents to a different page size with a single command, or resize individual pages with drag and drop, shifting page contents as needed.

Export individual pages as bitmaps (jpg, png etc.) or create spoken audio files from the document’s text. Split documents into even/odd pages, or explode documents into single page PDFs. Merge pages side by side or on top of each other. Split pages in half or tile them to print them onto multiple pages to be assembled into posters. Merge documents, interleave documents and even overlay documents on top of each other. Create and fill out PDF forms. Markup text and annotate pages with rectangles, ovals, arrows, lines and more.

“Fantastic! The outline features will be a massive draw for grad students and academics…” W.Y. United Kingdom

Create books and magazines ready for printing. Add finishing/proofing marks if needed. Ever wanted to print a manual into a small booklet for easy reference, or need to prepare your novel or essay for your publisher? With PDF Nomad you’ll have your document ready within a matter of minutes.

Other Features Include:
* Stamp page labels onto pages
* Create and edit outlines (including batch edits and automatic creation from table of contents)
* Link index table and cross-document references to their corresponding pages
* Print contents mirrored (Eg. to transfer onto a T-shirt or other fabric)
* Text to speech (both live and to audio files)
* Text search and text extraction

To discover these and other features in PDF Nomad, download and take it for a spin. Only stamping a watermark on output while not registered, it is otherwise fully functional from the start. Users will immediately appreciate PDF Nomad’s flexible and advanced control over the final document.

Visit the PDF Nomad website for a more info, trials and demo clips.

Minimum Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.7 Lion and later
* 64-bit Intel Mac

Pricing and Availability:
PDF Nomad 2.0 is normally available as a single-user license for $49.99 USD from both the Mac App Store and from the SintraWorks website, but throughout the rest of May and June we are extending the special upgrade price to everyone at just $24.99.

Users who purchased PDF Nomad from our webstore on or after the 1st of March 2013, can upgrade to version 2 for free, simply by installing and running the new application over their existing registered copy. (This offer also extends to users who purchased PDFClerk Pro within that time frame.) Due to limitations of the Mac App Store, users who purchased PDF Nomad through Apple are only eligible for upgrade pricing through the end of June. PDF Nomad 2.0 is available today from the SintraWorks website, it will be available very soon from the Mac App Store.

For a full-featured demo, download PDF Nomad from the SintraWorks website. The only limitation of the demo is that on output each page is stamped with a watermark.PDF Nomad 2.0
Download PDF Nomad 2.0 (zip)
Purchase PDF Nomad
Press Kit (zip)

Located in beautiful Parede, Portugal, SintraWorks is a privately funded company founded in 2006 by Antonio Nunes. Committed to providing the highest quality software, SintraWorks’ focus is developing productivity solutions for the Mac and iOS platforms, with a major emphasis on total customer satisfaction. Copyright 2006-2013 SintraWorks. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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