Simplifying the Joy of Hearing With Cochlear Implant Specialist in Delhi

What is a Cochlear Implant?
A cochlear implant is a device which is surgically implanted behind the ear in the head. The device enables a person with moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss with a modified sense of sound. The CI bypass sound in a form of electric signals which stimulates the auditory nerve. Not many people know about the benefits of a cochlear implant that can be done to people with hearing loss. For those suffering from hearing loss and do not benefit from hearing aids, for such people, a cochlear implant comes as a boon.

Cochlear Implant Surgery in Delhi
Adventis ENT clinic Delhi specialises in cochlear implant surgery. Hearing loss is a common problem in India. A person with hearing impairment does not develop language and communication skills. There are more than 50,000 children and adults worldwide who utilize cochlear implants.

Simple Hearing
Conversation while talking on the phone as well as in noisy places can be a real struggle for people with hearing impairment. A microphone and sound processor attached to a person’s outer ear allow them to listen to the conversation in any environment without changing settings. A cochlear implant divide automatically adapts to any sound channels to ensure natural hearing at all times. Thus, the cochlear implant allows the person to have more joyful experience without worrying about the settings – whether in office, school, or at a concert.

Simple Streaming and Protection
Staying connected with friends, family and the community is important. With a cochlear implant, it is incredibly sufficient to stay connected seamlessly with people. Moreover, with advanced technology cochlear implants are no more proof which makes it suitable for patients to enjoy sound in everyday situations like rain, sweat, or swimming.

Adventis ENT clinic is a leader in cochlear implant surgery in Delhi. They are driven by a mission to overcome hearing loss as a barrier to communication. The cochlear implant surgeon in Delhi successfully implanted hundreds of surgeries.

About Adventis ENT, Head & Neck, and Cochlear Implant Clinic
The Adventis ENT Clinic is committed to providing the best diagnosis and treatment for ear, nose, throat, head, and neck problems in children and adults. The clinic specialises in cochlear implant surgery in Delhi. The chief consultant Dr. (Prof.) Ameet Kishore at Adventis Clinic brings over 20+ years of experience in ear surgery and all types of auditory implant. He has successfully completed 1500+ cochlear implant surgery.

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