SIM Companies Supports Urban Communities with Comprehensive Virtual Education

Urban communities face many challenges in a rapidly changing world. Urban school systems across the world tend to have specific structural problems that impede their ability to educate the most vulnerable students effectively. Individuals within urban communities also don’t have access to adequate resources to help them learn skills needed to compete in a changing workforce, or start small businesses within the communities of which they reside.

In order to support urban communities facing the challenges to achieve their goals, SIM Companies, as a company that focuses on providing virtual services for urban communities. SIM Companies conducts business through a group of operating brands that include SIM Business Solutions, SIM Philanthropy, and SIM EDU Consulting. SIM Companies serves as the premier urban source for developing and advancing ecosystems within the areas of education, workforce development, business, and philanthropy.

SIM Companies CEO, Dr. Solomon Tention said, “SIM Companies strives to provide virtual services and effective resource management for urban communities and organizations.” He added the company’s mission is to focused on designing and implement comprehensive virtual programs that are affordable and valuable for urban communities. SIM Companies provides workshops & courses, professional certifications, and individual consulting sessions. The individual consulting sessions assist individuals in achieving their educational goals and learning skills to be competitive in workforce—the consulting sessions are led by a team of master instructors and professional training providers. 

One of the SIM Companies’ business brands is SIM Philanthropy. The brand has partnered with a variety of non-profit partners across the world. They focused on the advancement of education, poverty, social justice, and mental health. Individuals can participate in philanthropy focused activities by contributing a donation of any size to make a difference in life of others. Donate Here:

About the company

SIM Companies is an international company that provides comprehensive programs through a group of operating brands such as SIM Philanthropy, SIM Business Solutions, and SIM EDU Consulting. The mission of SIM Companies is to serve as the premier urban source for developing and advancing ecosystems within the areas of education, workforce development, business and philanthropy. 

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