Show respect to the founder of WePhone: Dingtone continues VoIP services

[] San Jose, California – The team at Dingtone, Inc. is shocked and saddened by the grievous news that Xiangmao Su, the founder of WePhone, committed suicide recently. We are further distressed by the fact that his beloved app will soon suspend services.

As a preeminent company in the VoIP industry – and a peer to WePhone – we understand the pressure and hardship that he must have gone through these past months and years. We understand completely how hard it is to build and operate an app, not to mention the business infrastructure necessary to support distribution and maintenance. We know first-hand the difficulties inherent in the VoIP field: the endless changes in technology, the never-ending quest for funding, the seemingly-infinite and varied laws of countries all over the world. All for a tool that millions of users worldwide find indispensable. We can only imagine how much he must have suffered developing and running such an outstanding app all by himself.

We feel a profound sense of loss that a great developer, a brother-in-arms working in the same industry, is now gone forever. We understand that WePhone users also feel sad about Xiangmao’s death and are concerned and upset about the future of the service on which they have come to rely. After Xiangmao’s death, a pop-up message in the app informing users about the tragic news caused heated discussions in the WePhone user community.

* “What happened is very sad, but what about my balance in the app?”
* “Without the app, how can I call my family and friends abroad?”
* “I wish we could still use the app, but can you please suggest an alternative?”

After seeing these cries for help, Dingtone has decided to do something significant to help WePhone users. WePhone users who purchased credits before September 7, 2017 now have the opportunity to receive the same amount of Dingtone credits for use in the Dingtone app. When you download Dingtone and contact the support team through the app, you can get Dingtone credits for free to make domestic and global calls, send local and international texts, and get a real U.S. phone number.

This event is valid September 21, 2017 through October 30, 2017. WePhone users, please contact Dingtone if you need help. For more information, please visit Dingtone Official Blog. Please share this message, and the Dingtone app itself, to help even more WePhone users.Dingtone 3.6.2
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