Shade 13 Professional Released; Free Shade 3D for Unity Available

[] Beaverton, Oregon – Publisher Mirye Software announces the immediate release of the Shade 13 product line of professional 3D modeling, rendering and animation tools. Shade has been under constant development for over 27 years and originally developed by e Frontier in Japan.

Key New Features of Shade 13:

* Shade Replicators. Multi-object instancing of multiple objects along paths and surfaces enables the creation of armies, forests, chains, with scale, orientation and offsets.

* Skin and Bones. New Skin and Bone Joint systems make it easier to build realistic characters for animation and game development.

* Weight Painting. Paint on weight information to allow realistic bending, bulging and flexing for animated characters.

* Physical Sky. Generate skies based on real world coordinates, with animated sun, atmospheric effects. Preset locations and user defined locations supported.

* Advanced FBX Support. Import, modify, export animated, game ready content in the standard format of the 3D game industry. Original animations can be baked into models.

* Smart Sampling Irradiance Cache. Advanced control over sampling distance, sensitivity and details render faster, more realistic shadows that gather in architectural designs.

* Vertex and Edge Beveling Tools. Interactively create bevels from polygon edges and vertexes in addition to face based profile bevels for better industrial design.

* Render History. A power visual organizational tool for comparing two renders, locating differences and applying post processing effects and live color correction.

Free Shade 3D for Unity for Mac OS X:
Shade 3D for Unity is based on the full version of Shade, but provides specific features for game developers, especially those using Unity 3D to develop games for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.

“It’s really great that Shade 3D is reinventing itself as a tool with great relevance for the game industry. And that Shade 3D also has a free app for the Unity community is just wonderful. We hope that many people will learn game development and game art design using Unity and Shade 3D together!” – David Helgason, CEO of Unity 3D

Shade 3D for Unity for Mac OS X includes the following features:
* Rig Support with Inverse Kinematics
* Paintable Bone Weight Mapping Tool
* Advanced 3D Polygon Mesh Editing
* Bezier Spline Modeling
* Simple Spring Motion Simulator, including Baked Simulator
* Key Frame Animation, including Baked Key Frame
* Material and Shader Editing
* UV Editor and Texture Map Management
* Draft Raytrace Rendering for Preview Rendering
* Shade Loader Unity Script to allow easy model exchange between Shade and Unity 3D

Pricing and Availability:
The Shade 13 product line includes Basic ($99), Standard ($349) and Professional ($749) versions on Mac OS X and Windows. A 30 day trial license is available. Academic and volume purchase versions will be announced shortly. Shade 3D for Unity for Mac OS X is immediately available for download through the Mac App Store, with both Mac OS X and Windows versions available in the future through Mirye Software.Mirye Software
Shade 13 Series
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Mirye Software is the software publishing arm of Proactive International. Mirye Software publishes multi-platform software titles for professional developers and designers. Mirye Software publishes Shade 3D, a broadcast ready 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite of tools for Windows and Mac OS X. Shade is originally developed in Japanese by E Frontier Corporation in Japan. In addition, Mirye Software also provides the Mori Shade 3D collections and Meshbox 3D model libraries for licensing. Copyright (C) 2012 Mirye Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh and Mac OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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