“SETH: A Novel in Two Parts” by D. W. Briggs

ISBN #978-1800319875
“SETH: A Novel in Two Parts” by D. W. Briggs is published by New Generation Publishing

About the Book:
I. SETH — A Queer Story
Was this pit bottom or had Seth arrived in the stygian blackness of Hades? Open this book and enter the self-centred world of Seth Merrick, a highly intelligent young man, a loner with an unrestrained imagination. Seth prefers keeping to himself and doesn’t intend to get involved with the roughcast pit folk living in their sordid terrace houses. When a strange incident propels him involuntarily into their lives, his egotistical outlook is turned upside down and his true destiny unfurls in a dramatic series of events. Read this gripping tale of young love, jealousy, grudge, trickery and revenge against the backdrop of the grim reality of late Victorian England’s working class.

II. The Appointed One
In the wake of a shock overturn in the hallowed Palace of Westminster, the United Kingdom is in upheaval. To make things worse, a deadly pandemic is threatening the world’s population. The young new Prime Minister Seth Merrick is faced with seemingly unsolvable problems in a struggle for survival. Woven into a thrilling story of insidious scheming, demonic hate, love and tragic death, we follow the engrossing progression of an extraordinary man of action towards his objective of building a New Britain. Can Seth’s determination and the force of his spirit alone enable him to establish a classless and just society? Or will the Iron Fist enforce his perfidious plan to create a frightening autocracy?

About the Author:
D. W. Briggs was born in 1946 in a mining village in Yorkshire. He emigrated from the UK to Germany in 1969. His life in Germany has spanned six federal chancellors, the fall of communist East Germany, the Unification and the transition from the Common Market to the European Union. His experience and observation of these events have given him a shrewd understanding of Europe and Europeans. Nevertheless, his formative years in England have left their time-enduring stamp on him as a Briton and a Yorkshireman.

Excerpt from the book:

“After the broadcast, there was an eruption. The general public, young and old, loved it and took to the streets in convoys of hooting vehicles waving the Union Jack, as if team United Kingdom had won the football World Cup. Seth was the centre forward, their new captain.

The established media attacked the new government and accused Seth of being a fascist. The top banks said his policies were foolhardy and would ruin the economy. Little did they suspect that the so-called freedom of the press and the power of financial institutions would soon come to an end. Meanwhile, in the social media, it was proclaimed that no rising star on the political firmament had ever shone so brightly, and everybody was calling their new PM ‘The Appointed One’…

…Fuddy-duddy parliamentary behaviour was done away with and there was no more heckling and guffawing or need for calls of order from the speaker of the house. Televised parliament, with an accompanying programme of interviews and commentaries, was now a popular feature on news channels, and Seth was the undisputed star of the show.”

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