Serosoft Ranks as Nation’s Fastest-growing Companies by The ET

The Economics Times named Serosoft the Growth Champion of India among Nation’s Fastest-growing Companies. The award recognizes growing companies among all Indian industries using specific criteria; generated minimum revenue numbers over a three-year period to register and apply, independent entities, and primarily demonstrated organic growth.

“We got one step closer to our vision of 2020 with this recognition. Our constant efforts to become the world’s best Student Information System got the fuel to accomplish this by becoming India’s Growth Champion,” says Arpit Badjatya, CEO & MD at Serosoft. “ It shows us that we are creating a better experience for educators & learners. We are grateful for this recognition and that adds one more feather of success in our cap” added Mr. Badjatya

“India has produced such a large number of stellar companies over the years that it has become hard to keep track, even for engaged observers. That’s the reason why we decided to link arms with The Economic Times and launch this mega-research project; we wanted to provide an overview of the entrepreneurial superstars, the most impressive accelerators of the Indian economy.” says, Friedrich Schwandt, CEO & Founder of Statista.

To identify the true accelerators of Indian economy, the joint research by The Economic Times and Statista ensured that the only companies included are those of genuine economic substance, sustainability, and credibility apart from being economic accelerators. The numbers represent India’s changing industrial paradigm; Tech (21%), Industrial Goods (13%), Restaurants and F&B (8%), Financial Services (7%) and Real Estate (7%) make up a majority of the mix while 40% of growth champions come from metropolitan cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Overall, India’s Growth Champions represent a coterie of companies that have mastered the art of growing from strength to strength, year after year.

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