Senpex Successfully Made Its Place in Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program. Know How?

From Cleantech Engineering to Music Teaching, Qualcomm Small Business Accelerator Program has given a fair chance to small businesses to strengthen its place in the market. More than 375 applications were submitted to this program and only 33 got into the list; one of them was Senpex. The journey was long where they sent a well-draft proposal to Qualcomm Program Organizers. However, the objective was sharp and clear to get into the list.

Well, those businesses that got selected will receive a unique variety of technical support and products that are valued up to US $25k as per the business needs. Also, product offering includes several things like mobile computing & connectivity solutions like all-time connected PCs (4G & 5G cellular-connected laptops), mobile phones, Wi-Fi systems, active mobile hotspots, Bluetooth enabled headsets, apart from device & technical integration support.

Certainly, that was a good deal for businesses who want to get big exposure and compete with other competitors. Since Qualcomm Technologies offer Senpex with 24*7 active online system & electronic gadgets, it becomes easier to work at a quicker pace. These technological advancements allow the courier to pick up from the place and deliver it to the receiver place without even contacting. With these technological advancements, it becomes possible for them to manage contactless delivery even in this pandemic situation.

GPS Facility – GPS advancement not only quick the delivery routes but also gives the customers facility of updated GPS tracking code through which they can locate the package tracking. This program has helped them to deliver more streamlined services.

Dedicated Customer Support –Since this local courier company has the best Wi-Fi systems, connected PCs, Bluetooth enabled headsets, they are all time available for their customers’ queries. Also, they ensure to offer fast delivery without making any long delays.

The spokesperson of Senpex stated that “Everything was in place and doing well for Senpex before the hit of COVID19. But, when the situation worsens, it becomes difficult for us to stay 24*7 tuned with our customers because of old equipment & devices. We needed high-quality equipment to manage the delivery process hassle-free for our customers. Starting from vehicle arrangement to dedicated support, everything needs to be in order.

We enrolled ourselves in this program and got selected. It’s a joyful moment for us as we can now satisfy our customers even when the whole world is struggling!”

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