Send Holiday Wishes with Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker

Although ( Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker (Mango Animate WM) has plenty of business and educational uses, it has various personal uses as well. By utilizing the whiteboard animation maker’s pre-designed templates, lively animation effects, and free media library, users can effortlessly build a holiday wish or invitation video to send to family and friends.

With the option to share the video to social media, through emails, or messengers, there’s no distance a meaningful holiday animation video cannot cover. The completed animation can even be saved and spread in the form of a GIF, which will foster social engagement. Since COVID-19 has kept many friends and family apart this year, loved ones will undoubtedly appreciate the heartfelt gesture of a personalized video.

Mango Animate Whiteboard Animation Maker has a powerful voice recording within the software. Users can create sentimental animation videos with their own voice to better connect with loved ones. They can also choose from a repertoire of pre-selected hands to make use of the drawing hand feature or upload their own hand for maximum personalization. There is even the option for users to upload their personal holiday-themed images to replace the drawing hand.

Instead of sending a holiday card, Mango Animate allows creators to get their message across with its whiteboard animation maker. In addition to sharing holiday wishes, Mango Animate WM can even create a holiday party invitation, sent to recipients through emails. Friends and family will be amazed by the expert-level animation they receive and shocked to learn it only takes a minimal amount of time to create.

“Our whiteboard animation maker allows the everyday user to create whiteboard videos with no prior animation skills,” says Mango Animate CMO, Ken Glenn. “The drag and drop tool makes it easy to upload your own content, but of course we also offer plenty of high-quality assets to choose from, including characters, SVG images, icons, and shapes.”

This whiteboard animation maker is now available for free download at

About Mango Animate
Mango Animate is home to the highest-quality animation software on the web. Its new whiteboard animation maker aims to provide users with a flawless creation experience by offering many pre-built features while allowing for total customization at the same time.

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