Seedstages Has Launched New App Connecting Students and Startups

Navigating the job market doesn’t have to be frustrating. Seedstages–a Los Angeles-based startup–makes finding startup internships and recruiting talent easier and faster than ever before. The platform arrives at a time when, due to COVID-19, thousands of students are forgoing online classes for gap years and startups nationwide are looking to tap into a previously inaccessible talent pool. Seedstages allows students to find exciting tech sector internships while giving startups seamless access to new and diverse talent to boost productivity in the post-pandemic world. Emerging talent can simply build their profile and start swiping to meet the perfect professional match!

About Seedstages
On September 7, Seedstages launched its mobile app, where students create profiles highlighting their skills, interests, and educational background, allowing them to swipe on student internship opportunities and directly message a company of interest in the app. They can also connect with other ambitious, like-minded students to recruit for their own projects.

Startup companies can list their profile and specific opportunities to easily engage with students without formal on-campus recruitment or in-person startup internship programs. Seedstages presents a solution for startups to find and onboard entry-level talent in a way that minimizes the resources and planning necessary for traditional recruiting.

The idea developed when co-founders Boris Gorshteyn and Ian Hafkenschiel turned to student interns at the Claremont Colleges Consortium in October of 2019 to get help with a project. Immediately realizing the importance of connecting talented students with small businesses, they came to a critical realization: lean startups can greatly benefit from the help of students, but they lack the resources to set up structured internship programs.

Through further research they discovered that many students struggle to find a fulfilling startup internship experience and, consequently, end up feeling unprepared for the job market. When COVID-19 hit, they saw the opportunity for their idea to expand as students started taking gap years and large companies canceled their summer internship programs. They ended up recruiting 50+ student interns over the summer and used their own company as a case study for the app.

“I believe our solution is especially relevant in a post-pandemic world when both the education and labor markets are completely disrupted. I’m thrilled to see the synergies in combining ambitious young talent with startup innovation,” says Gorshteyn. “I’m very excited to have the Seedstages mobile app now available to empower young talent to gain experience and network.”

To Learn More
Seedstages offers a mobile app providing students access to technology sector startup internships to build careers and startups with easy access to new and diverse talent to boost productivity in the post-pandemic world. To learn more and stay updated, visit or download Seedstages from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.

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