See MirrorSync 1.4 at the 360Works Roadshow

[] Atlanta, Georgia – 360Works is proud to release a new version, MirrorSync 1.4, that optimizes synchronizations, dramatically increases sync speeds, and adds support for Java 7.

We’re also sending the 360Works team to show you MirrorSync on the road. Jesse and Sam Barnum will be demonstrating MirrorSync 1.4 at select FMPug chapters, so check your local chapter’s listings for more detail.

MirrorSync Roadshow:
Mark these FMPug meetings on your calendar to see the new MirrorSync in action! We will be presenting a demonstration of MirrorSync in the following cities:

Tuesday, November 6, 6PM
320 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109

Wednesday, November 7, 2:30 PM
800 NE Oregon
Portland, OR 97232

Santa Clara, CA
Thursday, November 8, 6:30PM
5201 Patrick Henry Dr
Santa Clara, CA 95054

Los Angeles
Friday, November 9, 9:30AM
184 Bimini Pl
Hollywood/Korea Town, CA

Feel free to stop by, say hello, and ask questions. For more information about the MirrorSync tour, send us an email at

Faster syncing:
We’ve optimized the initial sync to be faster and more reliable than ever. MirrorSync now runs three times faster for initial syncs, and subsequent incremental syncs are much faster too. Speed increases are most noticeable on iOS devices.

More reliable than ever:
Not only is MirrorSync faster, it’s more reliable as well. Large files with big datasets and complex structures are managed even better with version 1.4. Make sure to replace your MirrorSync script steps to utilize all the improvements.

Repeating Field support:
Version 1.4 fixed some issues with repeating fields. To utilize repeating fields in MirrorSync, make sure the sync layouts contain the exact number of repetitions as defined in the field definitions.

Full changelog
Features and Improvements :
* Added support for repeating fields – included in 1.3
* Initial sync is now much more memory efficient, and should handle more than 500,000 rows (across all tables combined). Memory settings can be increased for even larger sync configurations – included in 1.306
* Added support for Java 7 on Mac OS X- included in 1.3130
* Downloading files from FileMaker Server 12 using MirrorSync configuration utility now includes externally stored container data -included in 1.3114
* Now supports multiple instances of Tomcat running, for hosting providers that prefer to deploy that way – included in 1.3001
* Added an enhanced bug report feature that sends the server log file – included in 1.3
* More detailed messages during sync in the MirrorSync configuration utility – included in 1.3
* Much faster initial sync. Syncing with empty clones with a one-way sync is now almost instantaneous -included in 1.306
* Sync is now more reliable with very large datasets being synced with iOS devices; added retry feature in case a message is dropped – included in 1.3

Bug Fixes:
* Fixes issues regarding scripts contained in a folder named “MirrorSync” included in 1.306
* Fixes an issue that may have removed configurations from the MirrorSync client -included in 1.3125
* Fixes an issue where some users may have had incorrect field mapping – included in 1.3130
* Removed incorrect validation warnings about duplicate primary keys in tables that have compound primary keys – included in 1.3
* Fixes the NoSuchRecordException error when syncing with multiple devices * included in 1.3144
Now works correctly with dates and timestamps that are entered with periods (.) or hyphens (-) instead of slashes (/) – included in 1.3
* Fixes an issue where temporary records were being stored in the MirrorSync table – included in 1.3129

Testimonials for MirrorSync:
“We’ve been using our contact manager and adding contacts and estimates, and the sync seems to be working very well. I was surprised at how fast it was on the laptop and the iPad – much much faster than we’ve experienced before. And the new data is in there.”

“I have a very happy client using MirrorSync. He has been using it all day and it has not skipped a beat. They have a ridiculously slow internet connection managed by the office building… Using a local FileMaker file is a HUGE improvement for their daily tasks.”

“I am a new user to FileMaker and FileMaker Server, less than 60 days with FMPro12 and less than a week with server. I leased a virtual server with the guys at Triple8, and I downloaded your plug-in and followed the directions and was syncing my first table within 30 minutes!! Thanks for a great product!”360Works

Located in metro Atlanta, 360Works, a FileMaker Platinum Business Alliance member, has been providing FileMaker-based solutions for more than a decade. The company is a leading developer of both shrink-wrapped and custom FileMaker database design solutions for clients such as NASA, Bernard Hodes Group, US Marines, Make-A-Wish foundation and others. The company is credited for its forward-thinking solutions, dedication and unparalleled client service. FileMaker, Inc. is a subsidiary of Apple Inc. FileMaker, and the FileMaker logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of FileMaker Incorporated.

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