SCSC Announces a 30% Price Reduction on Their Scannerz Line of Products

[] Reston, Virginia – Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC (SCSC) has announced a sale on all available packages of Scannerz with FSE, Scannerz with FSE-Lite, and Scannerz Lite for the Mac OS X operating system. The sale will end at midnight on June 20, 2014. Every package combination will be discounted by 30% during this time. Scannerz with FSE or FSE-Lite also come bundled with Performance Probe and Phoenix.

“We’re offering this discount to encourage people to come and visit our web site, become more familiar with our products, and to explore all the information we have available to Mac users,” stated Bill Wagner, the company owner. “The Scannerz line of products has been greatly improved, enhanced, and made even easier to use over the past few years, and our once somewhat complicated users manual has been re-written and includes step by step instructions for users. The new manual not only illustrates how to perform basic tests on hard drives and SSDs, but also explains how to isolate more complex problems, such as faulty SATA and I/O cables, as well as identify many problems with the system bus and RAM.”

“Many people often scoff at the idea of testing their systems periodically, often stating ‘I have backups, so I don’t need to do tests.’ Unfortunately, one of our clients recently found out the hard way that the backup drives they use don’t last forever. They fail just like any other drive. In this particular case, the user lost over 30 gigabytes of data on an old backup drive he thought would apparently last forever. It didn’t. Scannerz test results indicated that the media itself was failing due to not only age, but also because of developing mechanical problems. The drive was riddled with weak sectors, which can develop with age, and if he had done periodic scans with Scannerz, the abnormal presence of weak sectors would have told him problems were beginning to develop. Hopefully this sale will encourage people to at least consider testing their systems once in a while and recognize how easy it can be.”

SCSC has indicated that this pricing will be in effect only until June 20, 2014, but the company likes to stress the fact that all upgrades to any of their products are free of charge.Software and Computer Systems Company
Scannerz for Mac OS X
FSE for Mac OS X

Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC (SCSC) was formed in 2005. It is legally licensed to do business as a limited liability company in accordance with the laws of the State of Virginia. Originally, SCSC focussed on producing its own line of cross platform software tools using Java. The applications consisted of performance enhancing application tools, engineering and scientific tools, and tools for the medical sciences. In 2008, SCSC changed its focus and became dedicated primarily to developing products for use on the Mac OS X and IOS operating systems. SCSC’s product line up for Mac OS X currently consists of Scannerz with FSE, Scannerz with FSE-Lite, FSE, and SpotOff with Spot-O-Meter. Scannerz is a hard drive scanning tool, FSE is a file system events monitor, and FSE-Lite is a less capable version of FSE and is included in all base versions of Scannerz. SpotOff and Spot-O-Meter allow a user to control and monitor Spotlight activity. Copyright (C) 2005-2014 Software and Computer Systems Company, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platforms are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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