Scany WiFi Scanner and Network Toolkit Goes on 50%-off Sale

[] Vilnius, Lithuania – Happymagenta offers its WiFi scanner and network utility toolkit Scany for 50% off during a special weekend sale from 22nd through 31st of January. Scany is great for home, office, corporate LAN and Wi-Fi hotspot owners, network administrators, security specialists, developers and everyone who needs to diagnose and resolve network issues and easily do everyday network tasks.

Scany finds all computers and devices connected to a LAN or Wi-Fi, even the hidden and firewalled ones, shows their names, addresses and manufacturers, and includes a wide set of network analysis tools, specially crafted to transcend existing analogs, including ping, trace, WHOIS, DNS lookup, port scanner and many more. Built from the ground up for mobile by an experienced network administrator, Scany outmatches other apps in many respects.

WI-FI LAN and Internet Scanner:
* Wi-Fi/LAN and custom/Internet network ranges scanning
* Detection of all network devices hidden
* IP/MAC addresses, vendor names, IP countries info and more
* Bonjour, mDNS, Mac OS X and iOS network names
* NetBIOS, Samba, LLNMR and Windows PC network names
* UPnP and SSDP/DLNA device network names
* Unicode and international network names support
* Device models detection (on OS X and iOS)
* Shared printers detection (on OS X)
* “Online”, “firewalled” and other host states detection
* Superfast smart algorithms optimized for huge networks

Instant LAN/WI-FI Browser/Lookup:
* Instant detection of all network names on LAN/Wi-Fi
* No need for a full deep network scan for a quick LAN overview
* Instant IP lookup by a LAN hostname (or vice versa)
* Type in (non-DNS) LAN hostname in almost all built-in tools
* Works with all supported Mac, PC and device names

Ping and Traceroute:
* Real-time network path traceroute monitor and ping
* Network path bottlenecks and packet loss visualization
* IPs, hostnames and info for each hop
* Reverse hostnames, AS numbers and countries info
* Multi-node and multi-path hops detection

Port Scanner:
* Superfast detection of predefined and custom ports
* Open, filtered/firewalled and closed TCP/UDP ports detection
* Detection of extra services/ports with protocol level probes

* WHOIS of any IP, domain or AS number
* IPv4 and IPv6 WHOIS support
* All top level domains (TLD) support
* Support for all internationalized domain names (IDN)
* Support for WHOIS trace across a chain of WHOIS servers
* Custom servers usage (type “-h host” in query)
* Custom ports usage (type “-p port” in query)

* Support for A, AAAA, ANY, CNAME, PTR, NS, MX, SOA, SRV records
* Support for “-t type” option or just add record type into query
* Support for ” trace” and ” all” options typed in query/hostname field
* Support for custom DNS server and port via “-h host” and “-p port” options
* Support for DNS queries to local multicast IP addresses (automatically)

Wake On LAN, Wi-Fi or Over Internet:
* Wake on LAN/Wi-Fi or cellular/Internet
* Detection of router external IP for pre-saved/pre-scanned hosts
* Detection of MAC addresses ignoring bogus ones (for sleeping hosts)

Network Information:
* Wi-Fi IP address and network mask info, SSID, BSSID
* Cellular and VPN IP addresses and network masks
* External router IP address detection
* Default gateway/router IP address detection
* DNS servers detection

Extensive Export, Import and History:
* Copy and email all data and history
* Export and import separate hosts, entire or all groups
* Export separate lists of Bonjour, PC, UPnP/SSDP or a list of all hostnames
* Export a list of free IP addresses
* Export a list of busy IP addresses
* Export text and .SCANY files via email as attachments
* Open .SCANY files from email in Scany or Net Status
* Export as text, .TXT and/or .CSV files via email
* Choose data fields to export

Pricing and Availability:
Scany (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) is available on the iTunes App Store for a 50% off special sale price of $3.99 (USD). More information, including screenshots and videos is available on the Happymagenta website.Scany – Network Scanner 1.10.3
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