Risk with epic campaign: Vertex Arts launched Risky Wars today

 Cologne, Germany – „The popular rules of the classic board game Risk combined with a campaign of increasingly challenging missions is the highlight of Risky Wars“, says Christian Gross, game designer at Vertex Arts.

„Since every mission presents a unique scenario, you have to develop new strategies and also take unusual paths to reach your goal. Finding these solutions, executing them and then experiencing how the plan works out is what makes Risky Wars so appealing.“

Whether campaign mission or classic single player game with customizable rules and selectable map – round after round the players distribute their reinforcements, conquer enemy territories and secure their own troops. Continuous expansion, complete invasion of sectors and the trade-in of collected cards provide supplies and build up supremacy.

Every victory, whether it’s a completed mission or a single match win, brings players closer to the next promotion, which can unlock helpful upgrades and powerful boosts.

A growing number of operations consisting of several consecutive missions.
Each mission is a unique combination of a pre-built scenario, a primary and optional secondary objectives.
Earning experience points leads to promotions that unlock helpful upgrades.
Boosts that can be activated at the beginning of the mission, such as bonus units at the start, additional trade cards, additional fortification moves and more.

Classic world map and other unlockable maps from a growing selection of map packs.
Customizable game rules for the distribution of units, placement of territories and order of players.
Up to 5 computer opponents with adjustable difficulty levels or play against friends via pass and play.
Various other features, such as detailed game statistics, fast-forwarding computer turns, interactive tutorials and more.

Risky Wars, the Risk strategy game for all fans of the classic Risk board game with an epic campaign of excitement and challenge. For all smartphones/tablets – available in the App Store, Google Play, Amazon Appstore and Galaxy Store.

About Vertex Arts:
Vertex Arts is an independent game development studio founded in 2012 by the two friends Christian Gross and Damir Orec.
Early 2010 Christian Gross released his first puzzle game Spinballs for Windows Mobile and PCs. Shortly afterwards, he started developing the predecessor strategy game Risky Wars 2010, which was released at the end of 2010.
During this time, Damir Orec joined and together they worked on porting Spinballs to a growing number of platforms, including iOS, Android, Symbian, WebOS, BlackBerry, Bada and Windows Phone.
In 2012 they decided to consolidate their collaboration and founded Vertex Arts. Since then, both have shared a dedication and passion for creating games with the goal of delivering unique, exciting and unforgettable experiences.

Christian Gross
press ( @ ) vertexarts dot com

Press kit (Factsheet, Description, Screenshots, Logo, Downloads, and more):



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