RichTalk: Cloud-Based Content Management and Push Services for Apps

[] Falkensee, Germany – Apps2Go announces RichTalk is a Rich Media Multi Channel Communication Platform for developers of mobile apps. Many apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and for Android already use RichTalk.

Why? – RichTalk is a flexible cross-platform content management tool, which app developers can use to organize and market their content more easily and productively.

Apps that already use RichTalk are, for example, A Better Speaker, FlightCode, Mobile History and iSayHello Communicator.

RichTalk is a product of the company Apps2Go near Berlin. “Traditionally content has been managed in the app. That means that in order to edit or extend it, an update of the app is required – something that can take some time, for instance with Apple or Samsung,” said Stefan Zorn, CEO and co-founder of Apps2Go. “RichTalk is an alternative. With RichTalk content can be managed outside the app and be delivered to the app in the current version at any time.”

RichTalk – Manage Content, Push-Messages And In-App Purchases:
App developers use RichTalk to capture and manage different content via a web interface or by importing data. The content can then be delivered to the respective iOS and Android-apps as required without the need to update the app. In this way a mobile application’s content can be updated or extended at any time and without delay.

RichTalk also contains a push system to keep the app users continuously up-to-date and to contact them directly. In this way it is possible to provide directly to the users information about new content that has just been published. In this way users are more likely to make use of the new content. The Push Service even allows messages to be addressed to recipients in particular towns or regions. In addition, push messages can be delivered according to certain settings or based on user behaviour.

RichTalk also enables content to be made available to users as a supplement that they can buy via in-app purchases. RichTalk sends potential customers a preview of such “premium-content” as required via push services onto the users’ smartphone and handles receipt validation on all supported app stores.

Quoting Volker Bublitz, CTO and co-founder of Apps2Go, “RichTalk provides the core functionality and the server-based services to manage and deliver the content for the apps. It includes many unusual features that allow, e.g., the creation of subscriptions, the exchange of private messages between users and the generation of content for market tests. Above all, RichTalk saves much time. Without that system, the development of our own apps would have taken three times longer.”

RichTalk works across platforms with the app stores of Apple, Google, Amazon and Samsung.

Stefan Zorn said, “We have great expectations for RichTalk’s future. There are already more end users of smartphones and tablets than of regular computers – and the market continues to grow markedly. We offer our content solution to publishers, developers and all providers that have so far offered their content only in a web environment.”Apps2Go
RichTalk Content Services
RichTalk Push Services

Apps2Go develops apps for smartphones and tablets, as well as related server-based systems. The provision of an infrastructure for the publication of any content on mobile devices is one of Apps2Go’s core competences. On the basis of the RichTalk Framework, developed by Apps2Go, the most varied distribution and billing scenarios can be implemented and new publishing business models can be developed. Copyright (C) 2013 Apps2Go. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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