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[] Dallas, Texas – Ask any college coach and they will tell you that a player’s statistics are one of the most important things they rely on in determining which players they are going to scout. Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult and very time consuming to produce accurate stats beyond points and fouls.

For players that work hard on the boards clearing rebounds, setting up teammates with pinpoint passing, or shutting down opposing teams with quick hands, their true value on the court might not be evident because it is difficult to keep up with all the different things happening on the court. But not anymore.

Introducing StatGeek, where anyone can capture accurate, insightful, and professional quality statistics for basketball simply by tracking the movement of the ball. This turns any volunteer into a professional statistician with the ability to produce a full and accurate box score as well as a play-by-play recap of the game.

Other basketball statistics apps capture stats the old-fashioned way – by using the iPad as an updated pen and paper system. This can cause headaches for users trying to record every single action after it occurs.

By incorporating revolutionary methodology, StatGeek calculates statistics using a unique and innovative algorithm (affectionately referred to as “Stanley the StatGeek”) to calculate all the stats. Users are asked to simply follow the ball as it moves throughout the game, and Stanley does all the work for you.

StatGeek gives players the ability to supply college coaches with more accurate statistics in more categories than ever before as they vie for college scholarships.

Users also have the ability to spread the word by emailing reports right from StatGeek to college coaches, other fans, websites and newspapers. StatGeek exports .html files that can easily be sent as links via Twitter or Facebook or imported into Excel for further manipulation and study.

All of these features are available for Free starting Monday July 15th through Wednesday July 17 in the iPad App Store.

Game-changing technology:
From youth leagues to the NBA, StatGeek is customizable for any level of basketball.

For youth sports, StatGeek provides an easy way for parents, coaches and fans to collect basic game statistics and information and distribute it to family, fans and scouts.

For high schools and AAU/club level teams, StatGeek easily turns any volunteer or student assistant into a professional level statistician. Coaches will be better armed to make in-game decisions, and amateurs will have more opportunities to provide coaches with accurate stats as they vie for college scholarships

At the college and professional levels, StatGeek aims to provide the same cutting-edge, in-depth analysis of objective, empirical evidence that Moneyball pioneer Bill James provided baseball with sabermetrics.

Features and capabilities:
StatGeek has the unique ability to record statistics for games with four quarters or two halves for any period length. The app even allows the scorekeeper to select whether the game clock will be stopped on dead balls or to have the clock run continuously.

For the error-prone, making a mistake during a game is no longer cause for alarm. StatGeek allows users to adjust plays in game to correct any errors, which then adjusts the full box score automatically.

With these features and more, StatGeek is a great tool for fans, parents and coaches who want to collect more statistics on their favorite teams with ease:

* Minimalist design
* Unique ‘Follow the Ball’ algorithm
* Local storage of rosters and previous games
* Time and format options
* Error corrections
* Export .html files
* Works offline and online

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPad
* Requires iOS 6.1 or later
* 2.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
To access these great features, download StatGeek today. StatGeek Basketball 1.0.2 is currently Free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Sports category.StatGeek
StatGeek Basketball 1.0.2
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StatGeek develops, publishes and markets software providing accurate and insightful statistics for continuous motion sports via an easy to use touch screen interface where the user simply tracks the movement of the ball to capture accurate statistics. StatGeek is an innovative sports technology company that develops, publishes and markets mobile applications designed around connecting people to the sports they love. Coaches have better information available in a fraction of the time allowing them to focus more time on the court. Players reap the benefits of doing more on the court that may go unnoticed currently, and they get more opportunities to connect with coaches at all different levels. Families are more connected than ever before so even the busiest fans who cannot make every game can be plugged into their special athletes’ lives. For every level of athletics, StatGeek will make statistics and results more accessible helping to bring communities together with their family members and teams at the center. Copyright (C) 2013 StatGeek, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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