Return to Castlerama version 1.2 has been released: A free version too

[] Milano, Italy – Return to Castlerama 1.2 is now available on the App Store. Codenrama is actually releasing both a free demo version, featuring 3 playable levels, and the update to the complete game, the fully renovated 1.2 version. Both feature richer gameplay and new scenarios around old familiar places. Also, a new release of the original walkabout demo Castlerama is now available on the App Store.

R2C 1.2 adds a whole new gaming dimension: fights are more intense, new weapons are wielded against new foes, taking full advantage of the improved controls’ sensibility for both navigation and combat. We have upped the frame rates and performance in general is just much better.

Return to Castlerama is an atmospheric adventure game of ancient rivalries set against spectacular scenery. It mixes narrative elements of the supernatural, with family intrigue, and features a number of different playing styles to complete.

The player is cast as David, a young man seeking to save his village Castlerama, and the surrounding Gorendal Valley, from the curse of the evil Artaserses. As well as exploring the neighborhood and the lush environs of the valley, David will also encounter a number of enemies, including sharp shooting archers, zombies, giant spiders, a dragon, and other fantastical monsters.

Along the way there are beautiful “tarot” cards to be collected which form an integral part of the end game. Return to Castlerama can be enjoyed on the iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4S and above, iPod touch 5th generation. As well as the beautifully crafted graphics, it features a mesmerising soundtrack, and the book telling the whole twisted tale.

Pricing and Availability:
For new purchasers, R2C 1.2 is available at a paltry, promotional price, of $0.99 (USD). R2C is based on the new version of Epic’s Unreal Engine development kit (UDK) and can be enjoyed on iPad 2 and above, iPhone 4S and above, and iPod touch 5Th generation.Castlerama 1.2
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Founded as a computer vision research lab in Rome and Milan, Codenrama produces photorealistic videos for the film, advertising and entertainment industries, combining a passion for computer art with a relentless quest for precision. Codenrama successfully ventured into the gaming arena in 2011 with Castlerama, a “photorealistic walk” for Apple mobile devices. In 2013 it released Return to Castlerama, a gaming sequel to the very successful Castlerama demo. The game had mixed reviews and the team spent a full year improving the game both from a variety of the gameplay, a performance and control smoothness and a revisitation of some gaming strategies point of view. The new version is thoroughly reviewed, and its price has been dramatically dropped for promotional purposes.Copyright (C) 2014 Codenrama. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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