Retraction and Correction: OmNom Apps Releases Master Mind Golf

[] Los Angeles, California – On Thursday, there was an article released named “OmNom Apps Releases Master Mind Golf: Discover and Break the Code.” In this release, the stated quote by Dave Ciaccio was incorrect. The correct press release, including the right quote should read:

Today OmNom Apps introduces Master Mind Golf 1.0, a combination of golf and classic code-breaking puzzler, on the iTunes App Store. These two types of games come together to create a unique, fun, and engaging experience that will have users quite deliberately planning their next stroke.

In Master Mind Golf, players must figure out the correct word in the least number of tries possible. To do this players must guess words or combinations of letters that they think might help them come up with the solution. Much like golf, each puzzle has a par value that is the expected number of guesses (or strokes) it will take to complete it. By using basic deduction skills and visual cues, like correct letters with wrong placements becoming yellow, players are able to patch up the terrain and ultimately get their golf ball in the hole.

Master Mind Golf features distinct visual states for incorrect, wrong position, and correct letters; the ability to easily change letters; and hundreds of unique puzzles to keep players on the green.

“My favorite puzzle game from childhood is now an addicting word guessing game. Even though I created the game, I can’t stop playing it,” says Dave Ciaccio, Founder of The Weird Gone Pro.

To celebrate the release of Master Mind Golf, OmNom Apps is giving players, who download the application now, the ability to score a free puzzle pack filled with 50 new puzzles.OmNom Apps
Master Mind Golf 1.0
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OmNom Apps is an independent application development based in Los Angeles, California. Founded by Tony Ngo and Kevin Hamano, OmNom Apps strives to create original, intuitive, and engaging experiences that will leave users with a smile. Copyright (C) 2013 OmNom Apps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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