Restore Mac PCs With Latest Deep Freeze 8.5 Version

[] Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada – It is a common scenario in which users download software or files despite the machine warning them that it might be a malware. Multiple system-related problems, such as sudden configuration changes and software misconfiguration, can cause a sudden breakdown in Mac systems. Many a time, users cannot determine whether the system is compromised without getting into complicated Mac system restore methods, such as troubleshooting, which cannot be accomplished without significant tech support. When the system crashes, users often struggle to restore Mac computers into a functional state during emergency situations, which hampers their productivity. Also, completely drifted Mac configuration needs constant IT intervention, which is very time-consuming process.

Deep Freeze by Faronics makes this possible- it helps users restore Mac system to its clean, pristine state on reboot, thus eliminating all unwanted changes performed.

The Need to Restore Mac Computers in Public Access Computing Environment

With Mac systems being deployed across public computing platforms, like business centers and public libraries, those are subjected to unrestricted data download which results into unwanted files on the system and other configuration drifts. For example, at academic institutions using Mac computer labs for instructional purposes, the IT admin often worry about recurring system-related issues, such as systems drifting away from the standard computer configuration and software errors leading to system downtime. Similarly, in a hospital environment, where multiple staff have access to patient and other confidential data, any malicious user change may infest the whole network of Mac systems, leading to delay in response during emergency situations.

The Mac restore capabilities of Deep Freeze can negate the changes of an entire past session and retain only the desired configuration upon restart. The Reboot to Restore functionality of Deep Freeze ensures a complete system restore of Mac computers by preventing the machines from straying from the baseline settings as decided by the users. Also, by restoring Mac systems to their pristine condition on reboot, its Reboot to Restore technology ensures all the unwanted and malicious files are wiped clean that would otherwise cause system issues.

How does Deep Freeze helps in Restoring Mac System?

Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore provides optimum Mac OS protection by leveraging Apple Remote Desktop (ARD) for easy deployment and management. It helps IT admins run their workstations smoothly without any interruptions by extending the lifecycle of Mac systems. Moreover, it offers Mac users with unrestricted system access in which they can virtually perform any changes in the system. However, when the machine is restarted, Deep Freeze eliminates all those changes, and optimally restore Mac computers to their original pristine state. When the Deep Freeze software is installed on Mac OS, an icon lets the user know if the drive is in a “thawed” or “frozen” state. A “frozen” state implies that restoring Mac system on reboot will take it back to the user set configuration, whereas a “thawed” state is when the machine will register all changes made by an user and will continue to show those even if the machine is rebooted. The icon itself acts as switch which can change the state of the machine from “frozen” to “thawed” or vice-versa.

Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore enables users to customize configuration in order to help them restore Mac easily as per their convenience. Starting from providing the ability to personalizing user names and passwords, to letting users determine whether Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore icon will show on the menu bar- this compelling Faronics product offers complete flexibility and control to Mac users, which makes it an ideal Mac restore solution for multi-user environments. Deep Freeze also allows admins to control global and individual virtual storage drives or, “ThawSpaces,” which are not just resizable, but can also be password-protected to prevent unauthorized access. Deep Freeze Reboot to Restore also enables users to schedule and automate Apple updates in the maintenance period to prevent constant prompting of Apple software upgradation while working. Thus, Deep Freeze provides greater system flexibility and complete workstation recovery upon a simple restart.

The best part about Deep Freeze is that it makes restoring Mac systems easier for end-users and helps them to fix multiple IT issues independently without any tech support. Its Reboot to Restore functionality not only saves time, but also provides individual users the freedom to download any software and files without having to worry about any system-related issues. It simply makes Mac systems indestructible by restoring them to their pristine condition on each reboot.Deep Freeze – Enterprise
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