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[] Perm, Russian Federation – Today Nulana complemented the Remotix Cloud technology with the Remotix Cloud Hub Beta version. The Remotix Cloud’s purpose is to provide an anywhere remote access to any computer from any device. It works across any network and automatically establishes the secure channel to the computers behind firewall or NAT. An anywhere access capability is included in every Remotix app purchase, whether that’s for iOS or Android or Windows or Mac.

The updated Remotix Cloud version includes Remotix Cloud Hub, a very easy-to-use and configure, cost-effective and centralized solution with web-based interface to manage computer systems of any size. It can be used within organizations or to help clients across any location. Currently it supports Windows and Mac machines.

Remotix Cloud Hub provides a set of computer management tools. The first of them is Reports. The tool allows users to collect the computer OS version, find the failing HDD or the part number of the video card. There’s a possibility to get complete information about the software, hardware and peripherals of a given machine.

Remotix Cloud Hub also offers Management Tasks, Console Commands and Application Launcher. Management Tasks make it possible to empty trash, reboot or put the machines to sleep even without connecting to the remote machine. Console Commands allows users to execute bash, cmd or powershell commands and get their output. Application Launcher shows the list of applications on a given machine and makes it easy to launch them.

The next tool is Location Tracking. It shows remote machines on the map. If they are offline, the place they have been last seen will be shown. Finally, there’s a fully featured chat capability to talk with users behind the remote computers.

Nulana have also updated both Remotix Agent for Windows and Mac. Remotix Agent is an app that should be installed on the remote computer. This release brings Remotix Cloud Hub features and permissions. The access code for the Quick Connect tool can be set by the user now. There’s also a new option to hide Agent window on startup.

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.6.6 or later
* A modern version of a web browser

Pricing and Availability:
Remotix Cloud Hub will be provided on subscription basis and is currently in beta. A free access is provided for anyone wishing to participate. Both Remotix Agent for Windows and Mac are free and available for download on Remotix Cloud website.Nulana
Remotix Cloud
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