Remoter Pro 1.4.0 – VNC ScreenSharing, RDP, SSH for iPhone and iPad

[] Cary, North Carolina – Remoter Labs today is thrilled to announce the release of Remoter Pro 1.4.0 for iPhone and iPad, an update to their productivity app that enables users to remotely control Macs via Screen Sharing, and Windows or Linux computers using the VNC or RDP standards right from their iOS devices, with full external keyboard support or using a software keyboard. The app uses Bonjour and NetBIOS to make setup a cinch, and it features a novel and highly praised “virtual trackpad” that allows to control the mouse cursor intuitively. RemoterFusion, which provides sound redirection and easy setup, RDP, Telnet and SSH support are also included.

The app offers one of the best integrated implementations of the VNC, RDP and SSH protocols on the Mac platform. Operation is intuitive, with a well thought out interface.

On Macs, setup is ultra-simple using the optional RemoterFusion app. Port-forwarding and/or dynamic DNS is no longer needed in order to establish connections from outside the computer’s network. This also provides sound redirection, which allows listening to music tracks, or any sound playing remotely on the computer from the iOS device. RemoterFusion is included 100% free with Remoter Pro.

Local session set-up is simple, all the computers from the WiFi network are found using both the Bonjour and NetBIOS standards. The user then taps on the desired connection, and all queried information such as computer name, IP address, service port, and more auto-populates the set-up screen. The user then only needs to enter the VNC password to complete setup. A button labeled “Advanced” reveals many useful advanced options, like color depth, server scaling setting, compression level and more.

The RDP support allows connecting to Windows computers that include an RDP server (Remote Desktop Protocol). This allows connecting to these machines without having to install a server, as is the case with VNC. Even the new Windows 8 Consumer Preview is supported!

Via the SSH function, the app allows users to establish secure and tunneled VNC, or RDP connections to their computer desktop. This also gives users the ability of establishing terminal connections to any SSH server. Featuring full terminal control, including special keys such as Control, Alt, F1-F14. Terminal support implements font foreground and background color, a terminal buffer, and clicking. SSH authentication includes both passwords and private/public key support. A fully featured SSH Key manager allows users to create SSH keys using RSA or DSA. Passphrases can also be set, and independent SSH keys can be used for each SSH session.

Remoter Pro gives users the ability of create up to five TCP tunnels (via SSH). The tunnels can then be accessed while the app is in the background by any other app on the iOS device. Providing a VPN connection to the SSH server. Background connections can stay active for a full ten minutes.

The Telnet function enables users to connect to server computers using the Telnet protocol. Like with SSH, the app provides full color support, a terminal buffer, and special keys.

Both SSH and Telnet allow for selection of text which is then synchronized with the device’s pasteboard, and can then be pasted within the application, or into any other app.

The app features a connection selection interface that is controlled by swiping on the iOS device to graphically select the desired connection. On the iPad, a wholly new interface, which features a grid of servers that can be filtered is presented. A “Session Selection” screen is also available. This option presents a list view of all available connections. Sessions can be sorted by name, type or usage.

Wake-on-LAN support is also built-in, when the server session is setup using Bonjour or NetBIOS, the MAC address is automatically populated. Otherwise the field is provided to allow the user to populate it manually. Wake-on-LAN can then be sent either from the main screen of the app, or via the session selection screen.

Macros can also be created and run. Macro support is included for VNC, RDP, SSH and Telnet sessions, and a Macros manager allows for renaming and deleting of existing macros.

The app is extremely configurable, in the “Remoter Config” screen users can select from a variety of options to best suit their needs. Options such as trackpad type and acceleration, visual clicks, international keyboard support for OS X are included.

While connected to a server, the app supports both landscape and portrait mode, full-screen mode, different pre-set zoom levels, along with a smooth pinch-to-zoom interface. Pasteboard synchronization is also supported for all connection modes. Full external keyboard support, either USB or Bluetooth is also provided.

New Features with this update:
* New spit “thumb-friendly” virtual trackpad mode
* Requires iOS 5 or greater. ARC compliant modernized codebase
* Updated icon and artwork, No border in grid view, all screens look-and-feel
* Change default for “follow cursor” to NO – As this is a continued source of confusion for users
* Adding refresh button to Grid’s discovery list
* Adding sensitivity option for mouse wheel scrolling
* RDP Clipboard Redirection, font smoothing support
* Updated VNC engine
* When selecting SSH key in session editor, added option to bring up SSH Key Manager from ssh key dropdown
* Color selection for SSH’s foreground / background
* Don’t disconnect when RemoterFusion connection fails, simply reconnect the RF session
* RemoterFusion clipboard synchronization
* Improved rendering performance
* Big enhancements (rewrite) of external keyboard handling. Including: Key repeat, Better international keyboard support, A lot better RDP support (non-unicode; direct)
* CloudSyncManager: Backup / Restore now also includes SSH Keys and Password Manager Entries
* Adding support for RemoterFusion unicode keystrokes
* Ask user if they want to enable requesting ssh username/password if these entries are left blank when saving the session.
* RemoterFusion Port can now be specified in Advanced settings – If enabled, then RF is used even if not a RF session

Bug Fixes
* CloudSync backup fixes
* Fixed terminal sessions, pressing command C in an external keyboard would cause the pasteboard to be pasted twice
* Fixed non-terminal sessions, pressing command C would paste both the remote pasteboard and also the local iOS pasteboard – Only the remote pasteboard is pasted now
* For virtual keyboard: If unicode mode on, and RDP, then consider a direct connection regardless of the selected keyboard layout
* Fixed blocking during startup if bonjour MAC address resolution is taking too long. Now handled in a different thread
* Don’t go out-of fullscreen mode on remote buffer resolution changes
* Updated Italian localization strings by Gabriele (Gabus)
* Update to correct Remoter icon badge count
* Corrected issue where “Please click connect” would be displayed even if not in RF session. But if RF name or pin were set by the user
* Corrected issues with multi monitor via RemoterFusion
* Fixed handing of Control Shift[ another modifier] key and Command Shift [another modifier] key with external(bluetooth) keyboards
* IP address discovery for Netbios fix
* Improved RemoterFusion audio redirection performance
* Simplified, fixed iOS HUD. More notifications
* Spanish localization message issues (%s instead of %@)
* New internal alert system
* Fix for terminal follow cursor so that the cursor is only followed if it actually changes coordinates.
* Fixed Macro save/rename. Also it continues to prompt the user if the macro already exists when creating one.
* Fixed some issues with reconnect
* External keyboard fixes

Feature Highlights:
* VNC (Screen Sharing), RDP, SSH and Telnet support
* iPad retina display support
* Full external keyboard support (including special keys such as Command, Control, Alt, Escape and Function keys)
* Support for sound/music redirection from your Mac and easy setup without port-forwarding / dynamic DNS with RemoterFusion
* Support for RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC over SSH, RDP over SSH, and arbitrary SSH port tunnels
* Novel Virtual TrackPad allows for precise and intuitive control! right-click, and dragging – Scroll with a side-scroller bar – Three trackpad modes
* SSH supports public-key authentication. Included SSH Key management system to generate, email, copy to pasteboard the SSH keys
* Support for recording and running Macros
* UltraVNC MS Login Authentication Support, Server-Side Scaling and Multiple Monitor support
* Wake-on-Lan Support
* Bonjour and NetBIOS computer discovery
* Intuitive Pinch to Zoom and drag to scroll. Also presets: “Fit Height”, “Fit Width” and “1:1”
* Clipboard synchronization (Paste is universal, but copy requires server support)
* Universal Binary: iPhone, iPad and iPod touch! Buy once, run on all your devices! Most iOS firmware versions (5.0 )
* Support and compatibility with Aqua Connect Mac RDP server
* Supports Landscape and Portrait orientations and FullScreen mode

Device Requirements:
* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch
* iOS 5.0 or later
* Universal Binary
* 7.8 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Remoter VNC 1.4.0 is available this week at half the regular price: $5.99 (USD) and is available worldwide through the App Store in the Productivity category. Review copies are available upon request.Remoter Pro 1.4.0
Purchase and Download
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Located in Cary, North Carolina, Remoter Labs was founded by Raf Cabezas in May, 2010. The company seeks to produce high quality software while maintaining a very low price point. Copyright (C) 2011-2013 Remoter Labs. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod, and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. VNC is a registered trademark of RealVNC Ltd.

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