RemObjects Software announced the immediate availability of Elements 8.1

[] Hanover Park, Illinois – RemObjects Software today is happy to announce the immediate availability of Elements 8.1, the next version of its cross-platform Elements compiler and development environment. Elements allows developers to write applications for today’s platforms with the same programming language and the same development environment.

For developers working with multiple platforms, this alleviates the need to learn and constantly switch between different languages and IDEs, allowing them to focus on and build upon one skill set, but without giving up the flexibility of fully native access of each platform. But even for single-platform developers, Elements is a compelling choice, with its powerful compiler and rich and productive development environment and toolchain.

With Elements, developers can choose between (or combine) three separate programming languages: RemObjects’s own **Oxygene** language, **C#** and – new in version 8.1 – Apple’s **Swift** language. Each language is supported for all target platforms and has advanced IDE support for a first-class development experience.

Elements lets developers target three distinct platforms: **.NET** (including support for ASP.NET, Windows apps, Windows Phone, WinRT and cross-platform servers), **Java** (including, of course, Android) and **Cocoa** for native iOS and Mac development.

Elements supports each of these platforms directly and natively, without bloated abstraction layers that would hide the underlying frameworks. On each platform, developers have full and unfettered access to the native APIs and the wide range of open source and third party libraries available.

Development Environments:
Elements supports developers working on both Windows and Mac –

* On Windows, developers can use the **Visual Studio** IDE (included free of charge), which has been extended with deep integration for all three languages *and* a full development and debugging stack for both Java and Cocoa.

* On Mac, developers can leverage RemObjects’ own brand-new **Fire** development environment which has been developed from the ground up especially for the Mac and for the Elements languages – and is new in version 8.1.

Pricing and Availability:
Elements 8.1 is available now, with a limited-time introductory price for new users of $799 (USD) per user for the full Elements package, and $7999 for a company-wide license. This includes support for all three languages and platforms, both development environments, and one year of free updates. A 30-day trial is available. Developers interested in using the Swift language only can use the Elements compiler free of charge. More information, downloads and purchasing options can be found at RemObjects Software online.RemObjects Software
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Located in Hanover Park, Illinois, RemObjects Software, LLC is a privately held company co-founded in 2002 by marc hoffman. RemObjects Software focuses on providing market-leading solutions that form the foundation of their customer’s software projects, and help developers define the very architecture of their application. Their libraries are the infrastructure that successful software projects are built upon. RemObjects Software has been one of the major component vendors for Delphi and a leading vendor in the Microsoft .NET development arena for over five years, and are now expanding the reach of their award winning development solutions to Mac OS X and iPhone developers using Cocoa and Objective-C. Copyright 2002-2015 RemObjects Software, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple and the Apple logo, Mac OS X, iPhone, iPod and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Computer in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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