Remo ZIP 1.0 Free for OS X: 10 Levels of Fast, Lossless File Compression

[] Mountain View, California – Remo Software today is pleased to introduce Remo ZIP Free Edition for Mac 1.0, its advanced compression utility that offers 10 levels of lossless file compression, from SuperFast to Best. Offering fast, multicore-enabled processing, the app provides compression/decompression of standard .zip files and Remo’s .rzip files. The free app is superior to Apple’s Archive Utility in speed and flexibility, and a paid version of the app, Remo ZIP Pro Edition, allows users to create .zip files larger than 4 GB, and add password protection and encryption.

The de facto standard in file compression, .zip is an archive file format that offers lossless data compression. Extremely versatile, the format has evolved considerably since its introduction in 1989. According to Wikipedia, “.ZIP files are archives that store multiple files. .ZIP allows contained files to be compressed using many different methods, as well as simply storing a file without compressing it. Each file is stored separately, allowing different files in the same archive to be compressed using different methods. Because the files in a .ZIP archive are compressed individually it is possible to extract them, or add new ones, without applying compression or decompression to the entire archive.”

Feature Highlights:
* File compression reduces file space, facilitates file transfers, consolidates many files into a single archive, and reduces the risk of corruption
* Dynamic and secure tool to compress files on Mac
* Successfully compress any number of files without any loss of precision
* Offers 10 different compression levels (SuperFast to Best)
* Create and open standard ZIP file formats
* Generates ZIP files in two different extensions, .zip or .rzip
* Updates existing ZIP files – add or delete files from the existing .zip, .rzip, or .zipx files
* Multicore enabled for faster compression
* Compatible with Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) and above (64-bit only)

Pro Edition Added Features:
* Ability to create compressed files of more than 4 GB
* Compress a single file or multiple files into a ZIP file within a few seconds
* Split large compressed files into two or more smaller files
* Secure your .rzip and .zip file with password protection
* Supports Standard, AES Encryption 128-bit, 192-bit, and 256-bit encryption

Omer Faiyaz, CEO of Remo Software, described four benefits of file compression. “First, compressed files utilize less storage space. Compression reduces the size of the file by 20% to 90%, depending on the level of compression. Users can easily triple the available space on their hard drives by compressing infrequently accessed data, media, and applications. Second, many email clients impose size limits on files that can be sent or received – no matter its size, any file can be compressed and split sufficiently to send it via email. Third, file compression minimizes transfer time. Storing files within a single compressed, archived folder lets users send all their files at once with a single command, eliminating the time required to add multiple attachments, and minimizing the transfer time by sending fewer bits. Fourth, compression reduces the risk of file corruption during transfer.”

“Just drag n’ drop any file into the Remo ZIP Compress window and click the Compress button,” stated Omer Faiyaz of Remo Software. “With batch processing and 64-bit, multicore compatibility, compressing your files will create additional storage space and speed your workflow.”

System Requirements:
* Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard, Lion 10.7, or Mountain Lion 10.8
* RAM 1 GB RAM minimum, 2 GB or more recommended
* 64-bit Intel processor

Pricing and Availability:
Remo ZIP Free Edition for Mac is free and available worldwide directly from Remo Software. Remo ZIP Pro Edition for Mac is available for $29.95 (USD).Remo Software
Remo ZIP 1.0
Download Remo ZIP Free Edition for Mac (zip)
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Located in beautiful Mountain View, California, Remo Software is a software development company that provides results-oriented. low-cost software applications to its customers. They specialize in data management, optimization, recovery, file repair, and wipe utilities. Learn more about Remo software’s entire line-up of utilities at Remo Software official website. Copyright (C) 2013 Remo Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and OS X are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. All other trademarks acknowledged.

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