Release This: Bionic Commando – Alien Shooter – Survival Game

Do you remember the simple games we used to play on those old phones? Snake for example was a very interesting game but aside from that one of the greatest and most enjoyable games was always Space Invaders. This was a very simple but action-packed game which had you battling with a host of alien ships trying to attack earth.

This 8 bit game was one the top-performing mobile game back when we didn’t have an option for colored 16 bit games with good graphics and audio. A lot of us loved the game and that is why we thought of creating the Bionic Commando Alien Shooter Survival Game.

This game is similar to the Space invaders game however we added better graphics , more epic boss battles and gaming mechanics that will surely push you to finish on level and move on to the next.

In the game you play as the Bionic commando and hero shooter tasked with protecting a city against an impressive alien invasion. None of the aliens should cross into the city walls.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to kill all the enemies with specialized guns attached to your body. Earn points for each milestone reached and kill the big bad bosses at the end of each city mission.

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