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[] London – United Kingdom – Hitting a bad shot not only means ruining that shot but can also ruin an entire game. One thinks of all the ways to overcome that tension from hitting a bad shot. Do you want to learn how to recover from a bad shot? Do you want to increase your mental strength and be in control on the course? Now you can change your entire game with Hypno Golf TM- Rapid Recovery.

Hypno Golf Rapid Recovery is an application created by MindGame Golf. It was released on the 27th July 2012. HypnoGolf TM Rapid Recovery is specially designed with the purpose of regaining the loss of confidence that hitting a poor shot can bring. Over the centuries, Golf has become more and more competitive and now more and more Golf coaching techniques have been introduced and tried on Golfers of all levels. None of these Golf coaching techniques are as effective as this HypnoGolf TM – Rapid Recovery app. The main reason behind this claim is that this application works on helping the golfer to build mental toughness, stay in the moment and leave poor shots and the negative feelings associated with them behind. This app is mainly audio based and uses a mix of hypnosis and NLP.

The HypnoGolf TM technique is a very efficient way of improving your game. It uses NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programme which is a collection and series of really efficient techniques that help you take control of your game. NLPs effectiveness is huge. In such a way that world former world number 1 Ian Woosnam credits his recent success to NLP and says that it was NLP that really helped him build confidence on the course. NLP focuses you on one proper target and eliminates all the other negative or distracting thoughts and focuses you on your game.

As Golf is a very long game, it can be very tiring. And it is very difficult to keep your focus right on the game. A lot of traditional Golf Coaching focuses purely on the physical aspects of the game. HypnoGolfTM works perfectly alongside the more traditional Golf Coaching approaches. With HypnoGolf TM Rapid Recovery, you not only boost your confidence but also learn how to stay in the moment, let go of bad shots and harness the power of your mind. With these skills you are bound to win and make it a game that you want to remember.Website
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Mind Game Performance Ltd company is Located London. Mind Game Performance Ltd is a company founded by John McCarthy and Emma Johnson in 2010. MindGame Performance Ltd Brings you MindGame Golf. We specialise in peak performance for golfers of all levels and aim to become one of the largest iOS developers for golf improvement world wide. We bring performance and mental game coaching to your iPhone. Copyright (C) 2012 Mind Game Performance Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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