Real-time MMO Strategy – Adventure Master War – Hits Facebook

[] Kawaguchi, Japan – RideonJapan (Tokyo, Japan), the maker of Adventure Bar Story, announces the release of a new facebook game application, Adventure Master War. Adventure Master War is a Real-time MMO strategy and it is to be released on August 22nd, 2012. Adventure Master War is a free-to-play facebook application, also playable on iOS and Android.

Adventure Master War is a Real-time MMO strategy game, meaning that in game time passes even when you are not logged in. Every player is given a city to develop and protect. The player’s mission is to gather resources to produce fighting units to protect the city from incoming enemies. Players can also form alliances with facebook friends.

A facebook Game Playable on Your Smartphone:
Adventure Master War can be played from iOS/Android devices. Players are able to make moves while on the go.

Free to Play:
Adventure Master War is a free to play game. The game contains a virtual currency system purchasable for real money, but basic gameplay does not require this. Virtual currency can be used to buy items, shorten building time, and etc.

Full Tutorial:
First time players of Adventure Master War will receive a guided in game tutorial that covers all aspects of the game.RideonJapan
Adventure Master War

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