Rayner Software adds VPN support to NetShade

[prMac.com] San Jose, California – Rayner Software has released version 5.2 of their online anonymity and security tool, NetShade. This version adds VPN support to NetShade’s existing HTTP proxy support. With version 5.2, the NetShade service adds 6 VPN servers to the 9 proxy servers previously available. NetShade currently operates servers in the United States, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Germany, and France.

A VPN service is similar to a proxy service in that it routes your Internet connection through an intermediary server, thereby changing your IP address online. A VPN expands on the services offered by an HTTP proxy by encrypting all your incoming and outgoing data. Whereas a proxy runs atop the HTTP protocol and only handles web connections, a VPN runs at the network transport level and moves all traffic through the NetShade server. These features make VPN preferable to an HTTP proxy in situations where data security is a concern, for example a shared Internet connection or a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

NetShade’s VPN service is a pure IPSec VPN. It runs on Mac OS X’s built-in VPN software. NetShade does not use any custom VPN software nor require special installs and kernel modifications. Instead it acts as a configuration engine for your system, allowing your system to do the work of VPN connectivity.

NetShade is both an app and a service. The app can be used independently of a NetShade subscription for managing and switching public and user-defined proxy servers. In order to access the NetShade proxy and VPN servers, users must have an active subscription. NetShade with only Proxy service (no VPN) is available for $19/year for existing customers or $29 for an initial purchase of NetShade, which includes the first year of service. NetShade Proxy + VPN is available for $49/yr for service extensions or $59 for new registrations. A VPN service always includes the proxy service- there is no option for VPN access without proxy.

The NetShade proxy and VPN services do not impose any bandwidth limits. The only bandwidth provision is that the traffic levels must be reasonably compliant with individual usage of the service. In very rare cases involving heavy automated downloading or DoS-type attacks, accounts may be disabled to protect the functionality of Rayner Software’s services.Rayner Software
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Located in San Jose, California, Rayner Software produces Mac and iPhone consumer applications. Founded in 2002, Rayner Software has been producing and releasing apps spanning a broad array of categories, from games to aviation software to online privacy tools. Copyright (C) 2002-2012 Rayner Software. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo and Mac OS X platform are trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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