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[] San Francisco, California – Meet Tom Jones, treasure hunter extraordinaire. Tom and his friends have made a career of raiding dangerous treasure-filled temples around the world. But this time, Tom has inadvertently awakened the four-thousand year slumber of the entombed pharaoh’s guards: the mummies! Now it’s up to you to roll into action, snatch the loot, and send the mummies back to their sarcophagi.

GameMazing and QkyGames are proud to introduce their latest mobile game, Mummies Escape. Their latest game is a game of adventure, skill, physics, and comic mischief. The game sends players on an adventure to treasure-filled temples around the world. The game currently features 5 temples: the Gold, Sand, Stone, Ice, and Volcano Temples. Each temple contains 10 levels and minigames. The free version of the app the Gold and Sand Temples (20 levels), and the remaining temples are unlocked for $1.99 (also removes ads).

“Mummies Escape is a really fun and instantly accessible puzzle adventure game, complete with mummies, deadly temples, and other Indiana Jones-inspired tropes,” says GameMazing founder, Bryce Fitzsimons. “It has unique gameplay which is in some ways reminiscent of pinball, pachinko, or even Cut the Rope – except it’s full of traps, mummies, collapsing floors, and TNT explosions.”

Each temple has multiple levels, which increase in difficulty. In order for players to advance they have to return the mummies to their coffins. However players will have to strategically time and place their shots. The mummies are not easily accessible, and there are only so many moves a player can make.

The app will be available for free for iOS, with extra missions available for $1.99. There is a version of iPhone and iPod, and also a HD version for iPad (make sure you get the right version!). You can also preview the game on the web at GameMazing. So if you’re looking for a new adventure and you’re not afraid of a few stray mummies, look no further than Mummies Escape.

* Play as famous treasure hunter Tom Jones or as his temple raiding friends
* Addictive physics-based puzzle-adventure game
* Mash the mummies and take their treasure
* Grab as many gold stars and gems as possible without getting trapped in the tomb
* Navigate your heroes through traps and temple mazes
* Explore the Gold and Sand Temples: 20 challenging levels and minigames
* Unlock the Stone, Ice, and Volcano temples through IAP
* Terrifying mummy heads
* Casual fun gameplay, great for adventurers and mummies alike

Device Requirements:
* Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
* iOS requirement: 5.1 or later
* Language: English

Pricing and Availability:
* Free version includes the Gold and Sand Temples.
* 3 new temples are available via IAP for $1.99 (also removes ads).Mummies Escape 1.01
Download from iTunes (iPhone Version)
Download from iTunes (iPad HD Version)
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