RADIUS5, which provides creative AI, adds 4 new features to AnimeRefiner, an anime 4K, and 8K AI

The new features include 2-3 pull-down support, removal of interlacing, addition of color modes, and processing separating subtitles and images.This has enabled us to improve the quality of our output and deal with a variety of anime.


Background of the Development
RADIUS5 has been providing [AnimeRefiner] since February 2020. At the request of the anime content holder, we have implemented high resolution with AI, but there are many other issues that need to be improved in addition to resolution in order to improve the quality of anime. Therefore, we used knowledge such as Deep Learning and CV (Computer Vision) to support 2-3 pulldowns, remove interlaces, add color modes, and handle processing that separates subtitles from images.

4 New Features

2-3 Pulldown Support
2-3 Pulldown is a method of converting animation recorded at 24 frames per second into 30 frames per second of video signals used in television broadcasts and VODs. In some cases, the animation owned by the client is not compatible with 2-3 pulldowns, so we have developed it so that AnimeRefiner can handle it.

Interlace Removal
It is the process of converting interlaced video, such as typical analog television signals or 1080i HDTV signals, to non-interlaced format. In the case of interlaced videos, there have been cases where using AnimeRefiner does not sufficiently clean up. By adding the interlacing removal function using Deep Learning, the range of anime that can be cleaned up has been greatly widened.

Add Color Mode
AnimeRefiner used Deep Learning to estimate the original high-resolution color and increase the resolution. However, there have been some cases that some clients do not want to change color completely. Therefore, we have added a mode starting with a mode that does not change 99% from the original anime’s color, also multiple patterns of colors using AI.

High-resolution Processing Separating anime and Subtitle
Subtitles are synthesized after the production of the animation, so there are cases where the subtitles and images are processed differently. Therefore, if you process it centrally, the subtitles may not be clean even if you can clean up the anime. AnimeRefiner is able to process subtitles only, anime only with anime, and synthesize them later to achieve beautiful high resolution even in situations where subtitles and images are mixed.

*These 4 video processing problems are often problematic not only with anime but also with live-action videos. RADIUS5 has also received a request to increase the resolution of live-action images, and can handle the above four processes as well as anime.

What is AnimeRefiner?
Deep Learning enables high-definition resolution in high-quality conditions that traditional upconverting techniques would not have allowed you to extend images and interpolate between them. With the unique AI model cultivated in AI [Photo Refiner] (https://cre8tiveai.com), you can increase the resolution of anime to 4x the height and 4x the width. Having learned a lot about low-resolution and high-resolution video features, the AI is able to make anime more beautiful and high-resolution than previous technologies.

How to use
The animation will be kept by RADIUS5 via cloud or mail. After that, the AnimeRefiner server will be converted to 4K and 8K.Usually, 12 episodes of anime are returned to high resolution in about a month and a half. In addition, it is possible to take a limited express service. For more information, please contact us at:
About us
With the vision of creating a world where people can be creative, RADIUS5 is working to develop AI services that can be used in the creative field.

In February 2019, we released the platform [cre8tiveAI], which provides various AI tools to improve creative work efficiency. And in February 2020, we released [AnimeRefiner], which can increase anime resolution to 4K and 8K.

RADIUS5 will continue to use Deep Learning technology to replace non-creative work with AI and continue to develop services that enable people to engage in more creative work.


Contact information regarding AnimeRefiner
PERSON IN CHARGE:Urushihara / Watabe
Email:info ( @ ) radius5 dot co dot jp

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