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[prMac.com] Market Harborough, United Kingdom – Slide Swipe App Development is proud to announce Quiltography V1.0 for the iPad. Quiltography is a unique, time and money saving mobile digital quilt design tool for the modern quilter. Reduce the need to buy expensive quilt patterns, limit fabric wastage and make it quick and easy to search and audition fabrics to help design your next quilt.

Key Features:
* Store fabric in the local database.
* Tag fabric for easy searching.
* Create a photoQuilt pattern from any image / photo.
* Create detailed quilt patterns as a PDF from any photoQuilt.
* Includes 180 block templates.
* Customize blocks with personal fabric.
* Automatically detect the top 5 colors from fabric images.
* Filter and search blocks and fabrics.
* Design and share high quality quilt designs.
* Quilt options: border, sashing, cornerstones and more…
* Create placeholder fabric from any color.

Detailed Features:


* Image Converter:
Quiltography will deconstruct any image and create amazing quilt patterns and report information as to the total size, number of pieces and more. You can customize the amount of detail in the final quilt and restrict the amount of colors to be used.

* Export To PDF:
Once you have a great photoQuilt pattern. Quiltography will create a printable and sharable PDF pattern.

Fabric Database

* Quick Import:
Found fabric online? Taken photos of all your stash? Your’e one step closer to adding your first fabric to your personal database. Use the built in camera roll or on board camera to add fabric to Quiltography.

* Colorful Fabric Creation:
Don’t have your fabric to hand but want to add a simple block color? Use the quick color palette or chose a custom color with the Hue, Saturation or Brightness sliders to get just the color you wanted. We even have an option to blend your color with a gorgeous linen texture for that added level of realism.

* Dynamic Tag Filter:
Tap on any field when adding fabric and Quiltography lists the last few tags used. As you type the list filters, tap on the one you want to instantly tag your fabric. Less typing, more time for you…. now put on that kettle, mine’s a tea.

* Automatic Color Detection:
Import your fabric from the library or camera, Quiltography will instantly detect up to 5 of the top colors within the image and add them as tags to the database entry for the corresponding fabric. This feature is great for saving time and allows for fast and easy searching of fabrics by color.

Block Designer

* Template Blocks:
Choose from over 180 template blocks (With many more to come) to to customize and audition your fabric.

* Fast and Easy:
Quiltography’s block designer is created to be extremely fast and easy to use. Highlight the pieces that you want to change and select the fabric to use. It’s as easy as that. The link tool will automatically select all pieces with a matching color or fabric, to help to save you time.

* High Resolution and Detailed Block Creation:
The block designer uses the high resolution images that you imported to create amazingly detailed blocks with subtle shading between pieces; to help make your blocks look that bit more realistic.

Quilt Creator

* Detailed and Zoomable:
Use your high resolution, custom designed blocks to create amazing and unique digital quilts, all without the need to take a single bolt of fabric off the shelf. Zoom in to get a closer look at your work and when you are done, be sure to share with your friends.

* Border, Sashing, Cornerstones and More:
Not every quilt you want to design is as simple as a couple of blocks, so, we have options to customize your quilt settings and see the results in real time. Want to make your quilt blocks on point? You’re just a tap away.

Device Requirements:
* iPad 2nd Generation and Newer
* iOS 6.0 and Later
* 35.6 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Quiltography V1.0 is available worldwide through the Apple’s App Store in the Lifestyle section for $14.99 (USD) in the U.S. and is priced accordingly in other regions.Slide Swipe App Development
Quiltography 1.0
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