Pupil App: A Customizable Resolution Switcher For Mac

[prMac.com] Vancouver, Canada – Louder Than Ten, in collaboration with Padraig Kennedy, recently launched Pupil, a menu bar utility for Mac that lets users label & order their favourite display settings, so they can switch resolutions quickly and easily without having to go into System Preferences.

Users save time and can revel in the right amount of screen space whether they’re reading, writing, coding, designing, or immersed in any task requiring a quick change of resolution. A clean user interface lets them customize their experience so they can spend less time setting their preferences and more time using them.

“I’d spend about fifteen seconds digging through System Preferences every time I wanted to change the resolution on my Retina Macbook Pro. At about 10 switches per day, that worked out to over 12 hours per year. Other resolution apps list all pixel values in the menu bar which can be terribly confusing. We wanted something faster and simpler, so we made Pupil. At a cost of $5.00, Pupil pretty much pays for itself after ten switches.” – Travis Gertz, App Designer

More Pupil App Features:
* Lets users name & organize their favorites. They choose the resolutions they want to see in their menu
* Gives Retina screens access to non-Retina modes for testing compatibility on apps & sites
* Unlocks the native 1:1 pixel resolution for Retina displays

About Padraig Kennedy:
Padraig Kennedy is a Vancouver-based developer who builds fine software including Tokens for Mac, Buscouver, Mountee, and Picturescue for Mac.Louder Than Ten
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