Pubcoder 3 Released in Beta for Mac

[] Torino, Italy – Today PubCoder announces PubCoder 3, a major release of the software, in beta version, available for Mac users only. PubCoder is a desktop application that allows users to design and distribute interactive content for mobile in any digital format, such as iOS and Android Apps, EPUB and KF8 ebooks, as well as HTML5 interactive widgets. PubCoder is a preferred digital publishing tool for creatives and designers. The beta, free to download and test for 30 days, contains a new user interface, presents more than a dozen new features and introduces its companion mobile free app PubReader.

“We decided to take a step back and use what we learned in the last 3 years to redesign the software from the ground up,” says Paolo Albert, PubCoder CEO and Founder. “We added many new features, but we also took some bold choices that led to drastically change some of the existing features, simplifying and hiding complexity where necessary. We think that PubCoder 3 will boost designers’ ability to create interactive contents for mobile like never before. We expect feedbacks from the community on this beta for Mac before taking the Windows version to the same level.”

PubCoder 3 beta version includes the following key features and improvements:

* From Workspaces to Renditions:
Export directly content to all available formats: iOS app, Android app, EPUB, KF8, HTML5, XPUB without having to create a workspace for each format. Use renditions to adapt content for different platforms and languages where needed.

* PubReader and XPUB:
Live preview content via Wi-Fi and share it with your colleagues and customers: export your project in XPUB, a new open format for digital publications, and load it on PubReader, the newly free companion app available for free on App Store and Google Play. PubReader fully supports interactivity, multiple renditions and localizations created through PubCoder.

* On-stage Text Editor:
Edit text directly on-stage. No more double-clicking to open the text editor in a new window, edit your text and see the result directly on the layout.

* Improved Code Editor based on Ace:
Code your own through the newly code editor based on the widely adopted Ace. The editor features syntax highlighting for HTML, XML, Javascript and CSS, powerful find/replace with regular expressions and many other options to manage code at best.

* Google Open Images and Unsplash API integration for Creative Commons images:
Browse and use directly in your project thousands of images through Google’s Open Images database, which exploits machine learning technology to search for objects inside those images. In addition, integration with Unsplash APIs allows searching their great catalog of free quality photos to be used in the project.

* Google Zopfli integration for improved compression:
Optimize image quality and file size of your output using a new option which takes advantage of Google’s Zopfli lossless compression algorithm.

* App-friendly UX:
Preview content fastly as native app iOS or Android without the need to define app code signing identities, provisioning profiles and keystores. At time of submitting your app, PubCoder will help by filtering installed signing identities and profiles and checking that all metadata are correct.

* 64-BIT
Takes full advantage of all the RAM memory on your computer and is ready for the future.

System Requirements (Pubcoder 3 Beta):
* macOS 10.9 or later

Pricing and Availability:
PubCoder, free to test for 30 days, is available at a subscription license fee of Euro 99 per year. Discount price (Euro 49 per year) for educators, students and teachers. License can be purchased only via the official Pubcoderwebsite. Promo codes are available to the members of the press. For more information, contact Daniela Sabatini.PubCoder 3.0 Beta
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PubCoder is a desktop application running on Mac and Windows systems that allows creatives and designers to create highly interactive, multi-language digital contents such as books, apps, marketing materials across all major platforms including smartphones, tablets and the Web. PubCoder is based in Turin, Italy. It has been founded by a group of friends with an extensive experience and expertise in the digital publishing arena. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2017 PubCoder. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, Mac OS X, macOS, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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