Pubblog Announces New MailSteward 11.4.2

[] Murfreesboro, Tennessee – Pubblog today is proud to announce the release of MailSteward version 11.4.2. MailSteward Pro Now works with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Relational Database Service (RDS).

You can create a MySQL or Amazon Aurora MySQL database instance on your AWS account using the RDS service and connect to it with MailSteward Pro. The AWS RDS service is an excellent way to manage a MySQL database in the cloud. All replication, maintenance, backups, and scaling are taken care of by AWS. The pricing ranges from free to very reasonable, depending on your needs. And it’s very fast.

This release also fixes a bug that caused mailtags to not be imported when there are both mailtags and MailSteward tag rules. And now the e-mail ID is added to the filename when saving e-mail text to a PDF file.

MailSteward is the ultimate email archiving solution for the Mac. MailSteward archives email in a relational database for easy access and safe backup of all your email. Whether you manage a business, are an independent professional, or just a person with a lot of email, for legal reasons, business reasons, and personal reasons, it is essential to be able to safely archive and easily search your email.

* Safely archive your large volume of vital email information
* Easily access your email database with fast, sophisticated searching
* Protect your essential email data from data format obsolescence
* Get rid of duplicate emails
* Tag email with category, keywords, notes, and priorityMailSteward 11.4.2
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