ProVUE Development Releases Panorama X 10.1 RAM based database for Mac

[] Huntington Beach, California – ProVUE Development announces the release of Panorama X 10.1, the latest version of their high performance general purpose database system for Macintosh computers. This version introduces powerful new visualization and analytics tools that take advantage of Panorama’s RAM based speed to enable transformation of raw data into actionable intelligence, and enable rapid, interactive exploration of any data space. Notable new features of Panorama X 10.1 include:

* Analytic Tables: Summary Tables transform unorganized data into concise tabular analysis, including computations of subtotals, averages, standard deviation and more. Crosstab Tables display a two dimensional grid summarizing and analyzing two database fields against each other, for example Spending vs. Month or Income vs. Age. Analytic tables can be displayed side-by-side with the original data, and remain bound to the data, allowing the user to instantly drill into and audit the backing detail behind any summarized value.

* Charts & Graphs: Integrated chart options include bar, stacked bar, line, area, stacked area and pie charts. Charts are interactive, displaying data values when hovering over chart elements, as well as zooming and enabling/disabling individual chart elements.

* Applescript: Panorama X code can now be invoked from AppleScript, allowing Panorama to be automated from external applications (Panorama X 10.0 already provided AppleScript support in the other direction, allowing Panorama to automate external applications).

* Automatic Report Construction: The new report constructor dialog automatically generates a custom form for printing a tabular report (with rows and columns of data) to your specifications. This report can be used “as-is” or tweaked with Panorama’s graphical layout tools. Using this dialog can save dozens of minutes over manually generating a custom report form, and makes it easier to produce a pixel perfect report.

* Variable Height Report Rows: Custom reports can now include records of different height, to accommodate fluctuating text or image sizes, for example when printing a catalog.

* Printing Multiple Page Records: Can now print an individual data record across up to 9 pages, for example an invoice, packing slip and envelope address.

* Clickable Data Sheet Buttons: Individual fields in the Data Sheet can now be configured as clickable buttons (checkbox or pop-up menu) for faster data entry.

* Dynamic Tab Order: When the tab key is pressed, custom code can now direct Panorama to automatically skip to different fields depending on what data has been entered.

Panorama X 10.1 also includes performance enhancements, additional documentation and training videos, and numerous bug fixes.

System Requirements:
* macOS 10.9 or later (including macOS 10.14 Mojave)

Media Guide:
Additional information, including links to ready-to-use artwork (screenshots and icons) are available in the ProVUE Development Media Guide online.

Pricing and Availability:
Panorama X introduces a revolutionary new flexible approach to software subscriptions. Unlike a traditional subscription, a user only pays for months when he or she actually uses the software. If they don’t use it every month, they don’t pay every month. The initial expense can be as low as $15, and ongoing usage can be as low as $5 per month.

Subscriptions are purchased from within the application. A user can install Panorama X on as many computers as he or she likes. As long as they use it on only one computer at a time, they pay nothing extra. Organizations pay for each computer in use during a month, but without any serial numbers or activation hassles. An organization can scale up or down the number of computers in use at any time – it’s all taken care of automatically within the app itself.

Upgrade Pricing:
All Panorama X upgrades, including 10.1, are included in the standard pricing. There is no additional charge for the Panorama 10.1 upgrade.

Free Trial:
Panorama X can be downloaded directly from the ProVUE Development web site. When Panorama X is first installed, the user is offered a 7 day free trial. Trial days don’t have to be consecutive, they can be spread out over an extended time period. When the trial is complete, the user can simply purchase their subscription from within the application.Panorama X 10.1
Change Log
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ProVUE Development Corporation, based in Southern California, has been developing interactive productivity tools for four decades. From the beginning, ProVUE products have been known for their innovation and performance. Since 1978 over 100,000 customers have used ProVUE products on the CP/M, Alpha Micro, PC, and Macintosh platforms. ProVUE, a privately held corporation, was one of the first commercial developers of Macintosh software, shipping its first Mac program, OverVUE, in August of 1984. Our primary product today is Panorama, which was first introduced on the Macintosh in 1988 and has been in continuous use and development since, and includes a 64-bit RAM based database engine, universal multi-level Undo, and a completely modernized user interface with both a basic tabular interface and the ability for the user to create custom layouts to any specification. All Material and Software (C) Copyright 2018 ProVUE Development Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, and Macintosh are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other trademarks and registered trademarks may be the property of their respective owners.

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