Proteus Industry Launches High-Quality Flow Management Products

They have several options on the website. You will find examples of digital water flow meters with output. You will need meters to work with flowing fluids such as water. The water industry largely relies on proteus products. Besides flow meters, there are other flow rate products you can find at proteus. Below are some high-end flowmeters by proteus.

Velocity Flow Meter is the most straightforward meters to use to gauge a fluid’s flow rate. It translates the speed of the liquid into its volume. If you want the meter to ignore a fluid’s viscosity, ensure the Reynolds number is more significant than 10,000. The velocity flow meters can work in turbines, ultrasonic, vortex shedding, pilot tubes, swirl, etc.
Positive Displacement Flowmeters work when you transfer fluids from one point to another. You need to gauge the amount of liquid you fill in and check the speed it uses to pass point B. These are the only meters that directly measure the flow of fluids.

Differential Pressure Flow Meter is the most common industrial flow meters. The signal they produce is needed to get the flow rate. Several digital water flow meters with output falls under this class. They include the orifice plate, venturi tube, rotameter, flow nozzle, and flow tube.
Open Channel Flowmeters operate when the water is flowing on an open stream. The standard available channel flow meters are weirs and flumes. The meters gauge the depth of water and translate to flow rate. You will need to calculate the flow rate using the size of the structure and the shape.

Closed Pipe Flow meters are present in closed conduits. They are the meters that gauge the flow rate in water pipes, closed sewers, fuel pipelines, Etc. If you want precise results, place the meter close to the pipeline. That way, you will reduce the errors caused by distance.
Industrial mass flow meters gauge the mass of a fluid flowing through an area in the channel. The flow should be at a specified time. The meters are divided into two types- the thermal flow meter and the Coriolis meter. They are among the most precise digital water flow meters with output.

It is better to have a digital water flow meter with output. They make your reading easier. That is why proteus industries have them in their industrial flow meters. Visit the proteus website. The assistants will help you identify the best meter for your needs.

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