Proof Announces Launch of fmEZcharts, A Chart & Dashboard Creation Tool

[] Jacksonville, FL – The Proof Group and NorthEast DataBase Solutions are excited to announce the launch of the first official community edition version of fmEZcharts, a chart and dashboard tool for Claris FileMaker. fmEZcharts allows for the quick and easy creation of JavaScript and HTML chart components, even if users don’t know anything about JavaScript or HTML.

Over a year in the making, the newest version of fmEZcharts offers a tighter, cleaner look and feel, with improved functionality and usability. It includes new features like the ability to pick themes, colors, and data sets, as well as a larger selection of ready-to-go charts. With the newest version of fmEZcharts, it’s even easier to use and create amazing charts in FileMaker!

Ernest Koe, CEO of The Proof Group, writes, “It has been fun working with Brian Ouimette of NorthEast DataBase Solutions on this exciting new tool. Brian has done quite a lot of work to improve the functionality and usability of fmEZcharts. The community edition looks phenomenal and feels like a solid first release.”

The community edition of fmEZcharts is available to download for free. It comes with a locked copy of fmEZCharts, pre-configured chart examples, a demo video to get you started, and community forum support. Users are invited to give it a try and let us know what they think!fmEZcharts
fmEZcharts Video Demo
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NorthEast DataBase Solutions
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