Promo Dispenser Re-Launch With All New Website and New Incentives

[] Miami, Florida – Mobile Apps are an industry that appeared almost overnight when the first iPhone was released. Since then, millions of those apps have been created and the hallmark successes of apps like Angry Birds have brought entrepreneurial developers flocking to the field. Getting exposure as a new app developer can be difficult, and finding the latest cutting edge apps can equally be confused by the amount of noise generated by the sheer volume of apps. Luckily Promo Dispenser has remodeled itself to provide a solution to both problems, providing exposure for developers and ways to earn money trying out new apps for users.

The strategy was a simple one connecting the needs of users with developers. The incentives earned by users can be redeemed in the form of iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Cards and PayPal payouts. These incentives are given in return for user reviews and ratings of new apps, so developers can trial their new apps with a built-in audience without having to expend large sums in testing.

Promo Dispenser was first opened to the public in July 2009 and it received attention immediately among newscasters, Apple developers and users. The first version of the website was closed with 5000 registered iOS developers who promoted their apps by giving away hundreds of thousands of promotional codes in a controlled environment and with over 10.000 registered members using the site on a daily basis downloading, rating and reviewing those apps.

Even if the new version of the site requires a repeated registration from old users as well, the community grows day by day to its previous numbers. The greatest improvement in the system is the fact, that from now on it is not a privileg of iOS developers and users to participate in the community, but also Mac and Android lovers are welcomed to sign up.

The first app of every registering developer to be listed on the site will receive a special discount to celebrate the prelaunch and new users will also receive an incentive as a welcome gift for registering and even for recommending a friend to join the ranks of hungry neophytes.

3D Magic also released PromoDispenser’s new sister site GiftmeApps, which is similar in function for paid apps. A nice touch is, that both sites use the same account credentials, so registered users can log in to bot site with the same username and password.

A spokesperson for Promo Dispenser explaines, “We are present on the web for over three years, but we felt it was time to change our site to reflect what our business has become and how our users interact with us. App developers know they’re going to see major advantages over traditional testing and trialing models, and users know they’re going to see the very latest Apps before anyone else and make money while they’re at it. Whether a hobbyist or a professional, we offer real, monetary rewards for users and huge savings for app developers. There’s no better way for young people to spend their free time than to get paid for testing free apps.”Promo Dispenser

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