“.projekt” – A New Minimalistic Puzzle About Silhouettes

[prMac.com] Kiev, Ukraine – .projekt is a new minimalistic puzzle from creator of Evo Explores. The game requires to look at things differently. Playing .projekt is like taking a geometry lessons but in a fun and relaxing way.

.projekt is a great training for your creativity. Imagine how an object looks like from a different point of view to match a silhouette.This is a relaxing experience. There are no ads, no high-scores and no time pressure. Nothing will distract a player from pure meditative gameplay.

Story of development:
Kyrylo Kuzyk was always was excited by geometry lessons at school and in university. But not all people were as excited as he was. So he created a game called .projekt to share his passion for spatial awareness with others.

What’s a point of the game you ask? It’s simple, you need to build a 3D shape to match all given silhouettes. In contrast to geometry lessons it’s supposed to be fun 🙂 The most similar game to .projekt is the award winning Shadowmatic. In Shadowmatic you need to rotate a shape to get particular shadow. In .projekt you need to build that shape by your own.

The game will be available after March 13. A closed beta test is available now..projekt
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Game Creation History:
Press Kit

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