Project Statistics for Xcode 1.1 for OS X: Must-Have Tool for Developers

[] Constanta, Romania – Lamobratory today announces Project Statistics for Xcode 1.1 designed for Mac OS X, an update to its must-have tool for all Xcode developers. The application offers offline, drag n’ drop analysis of any iOS or OS X project written in Xcode. Ideal for evaluating the efficiency and learning from the analysis of a project’s code structure, the app is an invaluable tool for managers, developers, and students. Project Statistics offers three viewing modes: Overview, Details, and Charts. The Export mode saves results in PDF or CSV file formats, and stats in all modes, except Overview, can be filtered by file type and size. The update includes speed improvements, and the low-cost app is on sale now for a limited time.

Feature Highlights:
* Quick and easy user interface
* Integrated with ALL VERSIONS of Xcode perfectly and works with iPhone, iPad, and Cocoa projects (anything written in Xcode)
* Completely offline (no uploading required), everything is local, keeping the privacy of your project intact
* Overall structure of your project
* Total lines of code counter
* Total number of files used in your project by category: source files, image files, XIB files
* Size metrics: total number of lines of code, total number of lines without empty spaces, total number of lines without comments, total file size, average number of comments per source file, and more
* Full support for c/cpp/h/hh/pch/m/mm/png/jpg/tiff/icns/xib files
* Supports linked files in the project and including those not residing in the same folder
* Stats summary view
* Detailed stats view by file, sorted by file categories, name, or size
* Fully detailed stats view with full statistics and metrics for each file
* Multiple graphs (both circle graphs and bar graphs) allow easy visualization of results
* Based on the analysis, developers get tips and suggestions on how to improve their code, directly in the charts view
* Export all statistics in both CSV and PDF file formats for later analysis, comparison with statistics from other versions of the same program, sharing with friends, and presenting to a manager for complexity analysis following project completion

After dragging a project folder onto the Project Statistics window, the large digital display quickly counts the Total Lines of Code. The default Overview mode also summarizes the Total Number of Code Files, Number of Images, and Number of XIB Files (XML representations of a Coca-built user interface). In a clean window display of Size-Oriented Metrics, the application displays the following: total files size; total lines of code (LOC); total lines of code (KLOC); total lines of code without spaces/empty lines (SLOC); total lines of code comments; average SLOC per file; and average lines of comments per file.

Suggested Uses:
* Ideal for Developers who want to keep track of their work, learn from it, study the statistics, and improve the code they write in the future
* Ideal for Managers who want to track the efficiency and code structure of their employees’ code
* Ideal for Students, who are at the beginning of their road to becoming better developers, and are aware that efficiency is the keystone of success

Users can obtain additional stats in the Details viewing mode, where all files can be viewed alphabetically, by size, or by type. A magnifying glass displays all related files, and the list may be filtered by the following: all source files, c/cpp files, h/hh files, m/mm files, image files, and XIB files. The Chart view displays colored circle graphs (pie charts) for the following: code lines distribution, and source/images/XIB distribution. Bar graphs display additional statistics, including: top 15 source files by lines of code, top 15 image files by size, and top 15 XIB files by size. The Export mode offers PDF and/or CSV export of stats, including the following: c/cpp files, h files, m files, image files, and XIB files.

“Project Statistics for Xcode is the perfect tool for checking the structure and efficiency of a project’s code without taking the risk of uploading it,” stated Catalin Patrascu of Lamobratory. “Every Xcode developer should own this invaluable Developer’s Tool.”

System Requirements:
* OS X 10.7 or later (supports Retina display on MacBook Pro)
* RAM 1 GB
* 4.7 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Project Statistics for Xcode 1.1 is on sale for a limited time only at $1.99 (USD) (normally $4.99). It is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Developer Tools category. Review copies are available on request.Lamobratory
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