Project Manager Launches the First Project Management Mobile App

[] La Habra, California –’s Director Jennifer Whitt – Bridges, unveiled the release of the Project Management Mobile App in one of their whiteboard sessions on Youtube, February 10. Her wish to pullup important messages, notes and project plans, anytime, from critical locations, led her to asking her team to develop a mobile application which would take care of such issues. “Maybe I’m literally, in an airport, and I’m trying to find, maybe I printed out a project plan, or maybe I made some notes in my book. So I’m trying to get to a plane or my flight on time. But don’t you wish there was an app for that? I know I did. So I told my team. So, the team at has been really busy at work.” she mentioned.

The software was initially created for iphones and is downloadable through the apple app store where the widget for can be found. Updates as well as changes are inevitable, this gives brighter possibilities to further enhancements and support for the application. Whatever functions this mobile app can do today, are sure to have enhancements in the future; not just for iphones but for any mobile device.

Jennifer Whitt – Bridges, Director of described the app as something “That helps me keep social, mobile, and global. I can socialize between the members of my team. They can update their task and all the information. It keeps me mobile. It keeps me going from point A to point B, for me in particular, planes, trains, and automobiles, and it enables me to remain global to get to destinations and communicate with my team, globally.” which gives us an idea about what to expect from this application.

The Project Manager Mobile App was derived from the actual Project Management Software which was designed for regular computers, to help people manage their corporate tasks with features like time and expense tracking, project reporting and collaboration, online storage, online project management and many more. These features, plus more are expected to be included in the Project Manager Mobile app which would hopefully be compatible with any mobile device.

This release continues Project Manager’s mission by making complicated projects easier to contend, with the help of fully customizable dashboards for graphs, plans, workloads, reports and time management. These key points gave their Project Management Software’s spot in the market. Now, their users expect the same quality on mobile as it was with computers.Project Manager Online Ltd
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Located in La Habra, California, Project Manager Online Ltd was founded in 2008 by 4 guys who wanted to create a better toolset for managing projects. In just 12 months of going live, they grew to 25 staff and a healthy revenue stream. Project Manager now has customers in more than 100 countries and is one of the fastest project management service providers on the net. More than 70% of their customers are based in the USA with organizations like NASA, United Nations, Boeing and Volvo all managing projects on their platform. To sign up for a free 30 day trial, visit website.

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