Profitz Lite 1.0.2 Released with minor fixes

[] Carol Stream, Illinois – The Profitz Lite 1.0.2 version has enhancement to support portrait upside mode. And to clear calculation inputs via device shake. It also includes bug fix to display ‘Net Profit’ label which was hidden after the use of ‘Clear’ button.

Profitz Lite is an easy to use stock profit calculator that considers tax rate, brokerage commission and any additional withholding while determining stock profits. Setup the preferences once and calculate the take-home profit with a tap.

Profitz has the following features:
* Stock profit calculation based upon your tax rate, brokerage commission and any additional withholding
* Automatically get current stock price and other details like days open price, day’s high price, day’s low price, down since open percentage and volume
* Detailed stock profit break-out including overall profit, profit after tax, profit after commission and profit after any additional takeout (Full version)
* Detailed expense break-out including tax, commission and any additional takeout (Full version)
* Other details including exact amount that can be invested and number of stocks that can be purchased with desired amount (Full version)

A new full version of this stock profit calculator, Profitz was also released on Tuesday, September 04, 2012. The new full version, Profitz 1.0.3 contains similar fixes as the Lite version. The full version has enhanced functionality to display details of stock calculations results including break-down of profits and expenses.

Device Requirements:
* iOS 4.3 or later
* iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

Pricing and Availability:
Profitz Lite 1.0.2 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the App Store in the Finance category.Mohammed Wahab
Profitz Lite 1.0.2
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