PreApps Launch A Huge Success with Times Square Billboard, TechCrunch

[] Boston, Massachusetts – After its January 24th launch, Boston based PreApps has received over 4000 new users, been featured on a Times Square billboard in New York City, written about in the Boston Herald and TechCrunch, seen over 5,000 new followers on its Twitter and Facebook, introduced over 50 new apps released on its app user and developer marketplace.

“It’s really amazing to see all of this come into fruition,” said Sean Casto, CEO of PreApps. “I want to thank our staff of 13 as well as the countless friends of PreApps who worked so hard to make our launch a success.”

PreApps held their launch event at Meadhall in Cambridge, MA which was attended by over 150 people. The launch event was also the launch of App Demo & Drinks, the app developer resource group organized by PreApps. The event was attended by app developers, tech executives, and members of the media, with presentations of 3 new apps coming soon, which are now featured on PreApps online.

For app developers, they can now post their app profile onto the PreApps website to gain exposure for Free and start to build up a following online. PreApps also offers premium analytics and marketing services, for apps that want additional exposure and insight into their customers. Developers also have the ability to recruit Beta testers for their apps. App Developers get to keep the data of all of the end users that want to Beta test the app and wish to download it upon release.

End users can view screenshots and descriptions of new apps similar to the Apple App Store, but with a few more features. On PreApps, users can watch a video trailer about the app, much like a movie trailer. Users can also rate the app, share it with friends, and sign up to be a Beta tester (at the discretion of the developer). When an app goes live on the App Store, users can have a direct message sent to their phone to remind them that the app has gone live.

Since its launch PreApps continues to see high volume traffic with new apps introduced on its platform everyday. The company currently supports the iOS, Windows Phone, and Android apps platforms for users to preview, rate, and test apps prior to release. Users and developers are also encouraged to interact with PreApps on Twitter and Facebook.PreApps
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PreApps is your personal preview into the world of mobile apps! With over 1.2 millions apps currently on the market and over 30,000 new apps submitted each month, PreApps is the exclusive place to preview new and exciting apps coming soon. Our vision for PreApps is to forever enhance the relationship between mobile app developers and mobile app users, which will in turn create better apps. By implementing user feedback in the development process, apps have a greater chance of success, and for users a more enjoyable experience. PreApps is the ideal resource for app user to discover iPhone, Android, iPad, and Mac apps coming soon. Our collaborative process results in promoting pre-release buzz, pre-opted in user downloads, and critical developing user feedback. Copyright (C) 2013 PreApps. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.

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