PreApps and Apsalar Team Up to Provide Mobile App Analytics

[] Boston, Massachusetts – Boston based startup,, announced a new strategic alliance with mobile apps analytics company, Apsalar. The strategic partnership will allow app developers on PreApps’ new mobile app social networking site to understand app user behavior on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone. is the exclusive place to preview, rate, share, test and download the best new apps available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. For developers it is a mobile app ecosystem, where app developers can get help coding their app, creating demo videos, as well as marketing those apps to a broad community of users.

Apsalar’s in-app analytics will help app developers on PreApps better understand user behavior and measure retention, engagement, and monetization. App marketers will also have access to additional tools to more effectively measure and optimize the ROI of all their advertising campaigns including installs and user revenue generated by each campaign.

“Understanding what users are doing inside your app, including how they like to make purchases, is critical to the future of app development,” said Sean Casto, CEO of PreApps. “Learning how to monetize your app is critical to the app development process. In addition, learning the behavior of users to make better apps is all part of Apps 2.0.”

Focusing solely on driving mass downloads is now a dead end strategy. With rising acquisition costs and tight marketing budgets, mobile app marketers need a mobile engagement strategy that focuses on the full user lifecycle to increase marketing ROI and customer lifetime value.

According to Apsalar’s user data, as consumers continue to download apps, their average per-app usage drops sharply as their overall time spent in apps remains relatively constant. In other words, more and more apps are fighting for a finite slice of consumer mindshare, as the mobile engagement battle intensifies.

“Getting a download for your app is only half the battle. Making sure that your app is effective and profitable is an entirely different story. That’s where our partnership with Apsalar will really help small independent app developers out there,” commented Casto.PreApps
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